A foodie's guide to da nang


Food in Danang is representative of the rich culinary heritage in Vietnam’s central region. While there are iconic Danang local foods, you’ll also find famous dishes from the nearby regions.

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The food in Danang is varied và includes noodle soups, seafood dishes, skewers, fermented pork snacks và much more.

There is plenty of amazing Danang local food và this is by no means an exhaustive sầu danh sách.

We put together this Da Nang food guide from our visits lớn Danang where we traveled slow exploring the local specialties.

During our second và most recent visit, we had the pleasure of being guided khổng lồ little known local joints.

Phong, who helped us find our apartment, also happened to lớn be a food lover. And together, we ate some of the most delicious Danang local food.

In this guide, find the top authentic food in Danang you want to lớn eat. From breakfast, lớn dishes và desserts, these are the Danang local foods not khổng lồ miss.

As they say in Danang,“Chúc người tiêu dùng ngon miệng” or have sầu a good meal.

Sharing a large plate of Nem lui for dinner

Even though Nem Lui is a famous Da Nang food, it is actually from the former Imperial Capital of Hue.

Nem lui or pork skewers are made from minced pork, salt, pepper, pork skin,wrapped around a stichồng of lemongrass.

They are grilled slowly over charcoal until they are slightly charred và ready lớn serve sầu. This dish comes with vegetables, Vietnamese herbs & rice paper which you make inkhổng lồ a spring roll.

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The succulent pork molded around lemongrass sticks are then dipped inlớn a sweet and hot special Hue sauce.

Nem lui can be eaten alone as a snaông chồng or as an accompaniment to lớn Banh Xeo. We loved these pork skewers & never missed an opportunity lớn order them.

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Watching Nem Lui being prepared is quite spectacular. On the streets, you’ll see these skewers grilled in sets of 10 – 12 over a bed of hot charcoal.

Here are a couple spots to enjoy freshly grilled skewers for dinner.

Quán Ăn Tâm Được

Address: 46 Nguyễn Thái Học, Hải Châu, Danang

Hours: xuất hiện every day, 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Price: 5,000 VND per pork skewers

Bún Thịt Nướng Bà Trai

Address: 194 Đống Đa, Hải Châu, Danang

Hours: Open every day, 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Price: 5,000 VND per pork skewers

Pro Tip: Add the Bo Nuong La Lot to your order. A popular southern Vietnamese dish consisting of grilled beef wrapped in betel leaves. (10,000VND per skewers)

Bun Cha Ca is another signature food in Danang. It’s a noodle soup made with different kinds of fish cakes and a must-eat Danang local food

This noodle soup is topped with fish cakes or chả cá in an aromatic sweet, sour and savory broth. One of the most important & chất lượng characteristics of this Da Nang food is the texture of the fish cakes.

Springy and dense textures are desired và the type of fish, which varies, plays a huge role.

This flavorful soup is typically served with fresh herbs, limes & chilies and a small scoop of shrimp paste.

The flavors are artfully balanced between citrusy savory broth và flavor packed fish cakes. The light broth and vegetables makes it healthy too.

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Another one of our favorite foods in Danang, và it is deserving of the acclayên it receives.