Hanoi is one of the most popular destinations when foreign tourists first come lớn Vietphái nam, with the advantage of being the capital, Hanoi has an ancient appearance, filled with national culture, but equally the vibrant part from the young generation brings dynamic freshness to the city. Nightlife in Hanoi plays an important role in helping people get out of their tiring life. So this entertainment style is lượt thích an integral part of the life of the Hanoi people.

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Tourists are often overwhelmed by the friendliness, hospitality from the people here, besides, the type of entertainment is also extremely attractive sầu. Here is our suggested các mục of places to lớn have sầu on your Hanoi nightlife discovering trip.


The ideal place khổng lồ stroll and enjoy the cool, quiet atmosphere of Hanoi at night

Tkhô hanh Nien Road along Hồ Tây (West Lake)

Located between Hồ Tây & Trúc Bạch Lake, Thanh khô Nien street is one of the most beautiful streets in Hanoi. Coming to lớn this area when it is just dark, you will feel a very peaceful beauty of Hanoi nightlife. When the sky is no longer dazzling but turns to lớn the mysterious blachồng with the cool breeze beside the trees, all create a fresh atmosphere, extremely cđại bại to nature. Besides, there are many couples who walk h& in hand after a hard working day to enjoy the moment of the day turns to night, so this road is also known as the “Love road”.


Thanh hao Nien Road along Hồ Tây (West Lake)

With beautiful road beds, wide sidewalks, and lush green trees all year round, you can stroll around to lớn eat some Hồ Tây cuisine like ice cream, shrimp cakes or choose a small corner by the lake to chat & observe the peaceful và romantic scene.

Hoan Kiem Lake và walking street on weekends

In the evening, it is the busiest time around the lake when the locals go for a jog, exercise. There are also some nhảy đầm groups performing on the walking street. This area is an attractive sầu destination for many tourists.


Hoan Kiem Lake & walking street

Taking a stroll through the beautifully decorated flower gardens, seeing people painting portraits or watching the glowing Turtle Tower in the lake, observing Ngoc Son temple, The Huc Bridge, But the tower, Nghien tower & Ly Tnhì To monument are great activities khổng lồ bởi at night in Hanoi.

Especially on the weekends, there will be a pedestrian street around Hoan Kiem Lake & some nearby old streets, from 7 pm on Friday lớn 11.30 pm on Sunday. Coming to lớn the shore of the lake on weekends, you will see how crowded and bustling this area is with people strolling down the walkway, participating in some interesting folk games such as skipping, stilts, playing volleyball, etc.


Hoan Kiem Lake and walking street

You also have sầu the opportunity khổng lồ enjoy street music with groups or artists in many kinds of music.

Finally, after walking around the lake, rethành viên lớn buy Thuy Ta ice cream right near the lake khổng lồ enjoy, there are many flavors to lớn choose. Each ice cream sticks cost about 7,000 – 15,000 VND.

Quảng An flower market

After midnight, after exploring Hanoi on the quiet streets, you can drive through Quảng An flower market. Located on Âu Cơ Street, Tây Hồ District, about 10 minutes from the old town, this flower market is crowded with people and cars at night time.


Quảng An flower market

Quang An Flower Market is open 24 hours a day, but it is until 10.00 pm to lớn 7.00 am that is really the time when the flower market is most active. Being immersed in the bustling business atmosphere at the colorful night flower market, taking a few photos is definitely a memorable experience when visiting this market.

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The perfect destination for taking photos combining buying souvenirs

Old town night market (Đồng Xuân thủ đô hà nội night market)

The night market represents the cultural life & activities of Hanoi in the past. The Old Quarter Night Market is 1 km long from Hàng Đào khổng lồ Đông Xuân market. Like Ho Guom walking street, this place is open from 7 pm – 11 pm on 3 days of weekends (Friday to lớn Sunday). You should be there before 7 pm for easier parking, then leisurely enjoy the bustling atmosphere here.


Old town night market (Đồng Xuân thủ đô night market)

More than 2,000 stalls at the night market offer a variety of accessories, clothes, souvenirs, crafts và culinary rich & attractive. You will be overwhelmed by the richness of cuisine và clothing items as well as souvenirs here. Going downtown through such a nice place lượt thích this, you can feel how khổng lồ bustle nightlife in Hanoi is.

Where to eat, hangout & enjoy the pleasures of Hanoi people

Tạ Hiện Western Street, Hanoi

Some streets are crowded with foreign tourists, most of them are backpackers from different countries, so the locals Gọi them with the simple name “Western Street”. The area is small but the street is a crossroads of many cultures, bustling with many entertainment activities until morning.


Tạ Hiện Western Street, Hanoi

This is a place where visitors can discover much traditional beauty, intercultural culture between regions, countries, regardless of rich & poor, skin color, only the fun lasts. The place brings them the feelings like home, and enjoy their nightlife in Hanoi with a cozy welcome.

Ta Hien, a small street in an old town of Hanoi, has long been known as the first destination of most foreign tourists. At night, Hanoi is somewhat quieter, then the excitement in Ta Hien just begins on this sleepless street. The street is more than 200 meters long with many houses still bearing moss. The nightlife in Ta Hien is bustling with beer shops right on the sidewalk. Drinking beer at Ta Hien night, having with drinking food lượt thích spring rolls, cheese sticks, roasted peanuts, fried sour spring rolls … has become a quality culture in this street corner.

Tống Duy Tân Street – Culinary street

Visiting this street, a street known as the “night-eating paradise of Hanoi”, you can fill your hungry stomach with a variety of delicious delicacies. Many restaurants and bars in Tong Duy Tan are open around the cloông chồng, priced from affordable khổng lồ expensive. In addition to lớn the delicacies of Hanoi in the past, the thực đơn in the food street is also included many specialties of all 3 regions.


Tống Duy Tân Street – Culinary street

Another great thing if you stay near this neighborhood, you can spover more time eating & enjoying the food because this food court is open all day, never worry about missing food!

Bar clubs to lớn spkết thúc your night in HanoiCamelia Lounge

Camelia Lounge is considered as the most luxurious bars in Hanoi thanks to the sophistication of the interior, the chandelier, and the bar layout.


Camelia Lounge

Located on the 3rd floor of the Melia Hotel, from here, visitors can observe the bustling scene of the capital at night. Moreover, they can experience drinks with international unique from a professional bartender.

Address: 44B Lý Thường Kiệt street, Trần Hưng Đạo ward, Hoàn Kiếm district, Hà Nội

Push Club

Push Bar Club impresses customers with a modern lighting system, luxurious interiors, và a unique sound system. This is truly the entertainment destination for young people because of the hot atmosphere, vibrant sounds & the presence of popular DJs.

Push Club

Address: 23M HBT Hai bà Trưng, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

The Rooftop

The most special feature of The Rooftop is an extremely luxurious space and also full of youthful & dynamic spirit. The Rooftop is also attractive sầu by leading Vietnamese guest singers along with famous DJs.

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The Rooftop

Address: Floor 19th Pacific Place, 83B Lý Thường Kiệt, Hà Nội

These are quite prominent places, frequented by many tourists, we are looking forward you to lớn finding out the entertainment place that best suits you in Hanoi nightlife.