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VinPearl Land is a brvà new amusement park, not far from Hoi An, which officially opened on the 28th April 2018. Since then, the theme park has brought in even more tourists khổng lồ Hoi An & also attracts locals from Da Nang & beyond. This cleverly designed amusement park mimics the beautiful riverside scene of Hoi An’s Old Town. With the yellow buildings, the lanterns và the river, along with a massive sầu water park, roller coasters và a river safari it’s a dream come true for theme park enthusiasts!

VinPearl is a 15-year-old company, owning Vietnam’s largest international five-star khách sạn and resort chain. The company is now the owner of 43 facilities, with 17,000 rooms and villas nationwide. After successfully opening a theme park in Nha Trang, the company then built VinPearl Lvà in Hoi An. Located about 15km from Hoi An’s Old Town, VinPearl Lvà is built in an up and coming region with the Hilton, Hyatt and other big khách sạn chains arriving in the area.

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In this article, Hidden visits VinPearl Lvà Hoi An và gives you all the details on how lớn get there, prices & what’s on offer. Including our suggested route and hidden hints khổng lồ make the most out of your visit lớn this spectacular theme park.


The streets of VinPearl Land Hoi An filled with sunshine và holidaymakers. Photo: Anmãng cầu Jamieson

The lazy river flows through VinPearl L& Water Park. Photo: Anmãng cầu Jamieson

See traditional crafts in the heritage village. Photo: Anmãng cầu Jamieson


How to lớn Get khổng lồ VinPearl L& Hoi AnWhat is at VinPearl Land?Where khổng lồ Eat in VinPearl Land Hoi An

Hidden Quiông chồng Guide: VinPearl Land

Location: 15 km from Hoi An’s Old Town – a drive there takes trăng tròn minutes.

Ticket Price: 550,000 VND (24 USD) for an adult & 450,000 VND (19.60 USD) for a child. Children under 100cm tall are không tính tiền. Arrive sầu after 5 pm và pay just 200,000 VND (8.70 USD) for an adult và 100,000 VND (4.30 USD) for a child.

Hours: VinPearl Land is open from 8:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. every day. Last admission is at 7 p.m.

How khổng lồ Get lớn VinPearl Lvà Hoi An


VinPearl L& is around 15km from Hoi An’s Old Town. So, it is an easy taxi or Grab drive away, costing you approximately 200,000 VND (8.70 USD), taking around 20 minutes. 

Self Drive

It’s a mostly straight và easy route from Hoi An to lớn the amusement park và the parking is free. Just follow Cua Dai Road to the brand new roundabout, turn right on the newly laid road và over the giant Cua Dai Bridge. Keep going straight along the empty road until you see VinPearl Land Hoi An on your left, popping up out of the otherwise pretty barren horizon. There is a large parking lot including a covered area for motorbikes. Parking is không tính phí, just don’t thất bại your receipt. 



VinPearl L& Opening Hours & Prices 

VinPearl L& Hoi An is open from 8:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. every day. Last admission is at 7 p.m. The river safari and waterpark both open at 9 a.m. If you arrive sầu before 5 pm, the ticket price for a day will be 550,000 VND (24 USD) for an adult và 450,000 VND (19.60 USD) for a child. Although, if you bring a child who is under 100cm tall, they get miễn phí entry. 

Hidden Hint: Wanting lớn avoid the midday sun? Arrive sầu after 5 pm to pay just 200,000 VND (8.70 USD) for an adult and 100,000 VND (4.30 USD) for a child.

What is at VinPearl Land?

Entering VinPearl Lvà, you are greeted with a wonderful view of a beautiful canal surrounded by stunning architecture mimicking that of Hoi An’s Old Town. The grand scale of this place alone blows you away. 

As VinPearl L& Hoi An is just over a year old, the amusement park is very clean, well maintained & well thought out. There are plenty of toilets, showers, shops, restaurants and vending machines readily available. This included a well-run locker system. There is a locker desk just before you enter the park & another in the water park. It costs trăng tròn,000 VND (0.85 USD) for a locker và you get a key chain for your neck khổng lồ keep it safe. Therefore you can then ride roller coasters, hop on the river cruise và swyên ổn through the waterpark confidently knowing that your items are safe.

The impressive sầu rides on offer in the Hoi An Funfair. Photo: Anmãng cầu Jamieson

Water Park

The water park includes a substantial children’s water playground in knee-deep water with an array of slides. So parents can perch themselves in the pool & watch their children run riot. Or grab themselves some popcorn from any shaded ‘Happy Snack’ & watch the family have sầu the time of their lives.

There is also a number of large waterslides, including ones with rafts that hold four people, kamikaze-style high drops và even a ‘Big Tornado’. However, lớn relax, hop on the lazy river & enjoy the scenic tour as the current dreamily pulls you around. There is something for absolutely everyone. 

Hidden Hint: The larger waterslides have sầu a height restriction of 120cm/140cm và some slides also have sầu weight restriction. So check their website prior to your visit to avoid disappointment. 

The waterpark gets very busy from 5-6 pm. because of the cheaper price after 5 pm. và the waterpark then closes an hour later at 6 p.m. We recommend that if you’ve sầu bought yourself a full day pass, try & be out of the waterpark by 5 p.m. & grab yourself some dinner before heading lớn the funfair.

Lifeguards supervise the many pools & play areas in the water park. Photo: Anna Jamieson

River Safari/Zoo

The River Safari takes you around the zoo section of VinPearl L& Hoi An on guided boats. Among muốn the animals In this safari are rhinos, trắng tigers, Trắng lions, giraffes và even some elephants. Go on the safari in the morning to lớn get a chance to hand-feed some giraffes or if you’re there in the afternoon, you can hand-feed elephants.


This large aviary is right next to the River Safari. On entering, you find yourself amongst the stunning Green Wing Macaw, Blue & Gold Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Sulpher-Crested Cockatoo, White Cockatoo & the Electus. Take some incredibly colourful photographs amongst these beautiful birds as you observe sầu them in their natural element. Seeds and fruit available for purchase to lớn hvà feed the birds here. Some even lvà on your arm or your cap!

Blue và Gold Macaw in the VinPearl Lvà Safari & aviary. Photo: Anna Jamieson

Fun Fair 

Find big rides for all ages at the incredible fun fair. There is a small kids area with many rides including ‘Elephants in the Sky’, ‘Cinderella’s Carousel’ and a ‘Spinning Coaster’. Or enjoy the family-friendly ‘Bumper Cars’. If you’re feeling daring, hop on the ‘Desert Twister’, ‘Tree Swing’ or even ‘Twiss Tower’ – the highest drop tower in Vietnam giới, not for the faint-hearted. 

chú ý that many of these rides don’t open until after 4 pm. because of the heat of the sun on the seats. We recommkết thúc you come to the funfair as the sun is setting, for cooler temperatures, a festival vibe & wonderful views of the sunphối while you’re high up in the sky.

Take a boat through the safari park & then get up cthua with some of the animals at VinPearl Land Safari. Photo: Anmãng cầu Jamieson

3 chiều Art Museum

Visit the 3D Art Museum anywhere from 9 a.m. – 8:30 pm. This awesome gallery has dozens of wall art paintings that look like they’re jumping out at you! Most paintings need a real-life human to lớn complete their masterpiece. So make sure you’ve got someone assigned lớn take your picture amongst this clever artwork. Pieces include an elephant bursting through a wall, penguins on ice và Marilyn Monroe.

Hidden Hint: Visit the 3D Art Museum & soak up the air conditioning, escaping the heat on your walk from the river safari baông xã khổng lồ the water park.

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4 chiều and 5D Cinemas

VinPearl L& Hoi An houses a beautiful “Disneyland-like” castle. Inside is a 4D interactive sầu cinema. Its most recent film is a 15-minute long movie called ‘Return To The Lost World’ screened every hour on the hour from 10 am. – 6 pm. This beautiful, air-conditioned castle is a great place to lớn escape to from the heat but still have sầu lots of fun. Therefore all you need to vị is put on your provided 3D glasses and enjoy the journey.

If a 4D cinema isn’t quite good enough for you, there’s a 5D cinema in the games building. This cinema screens 10 different movies frequently throughout the day.

Late Night Water Fountain & tia laze Show

Once you have visited as many different parts of the park that you can, head lớn the late-night water fountain and laser show at 7:40 p.m. The choreographed water fountains move sầu quickly shooting bursts up very high in the sky. The beautifully created water movements, the laser lights & the music, make this water fountain và laser show one not lớn be missed. The performance is an incredible way to lớn kết thúc a fun-filled day.

Hidden Hint: Get khổng lồ the laser show early & sit at the front. You get a great view along with some refreshing water sprays, cooling you down after a long hot day.

VinPearl L& Suggested Route

A day out at VinPearl Land Hoi An requires that you be clever và manage the heat. So khổng lồ help Hidden has a suggested route plan for you to lớn follow. Therefore helping you to avoid the midday sun and also escape the crowds as best as you can.

Hidden suggests that you begin your day at the river safari. It opens at 9 am so hop on the cruise early before the crowds arrive và while it’s still cool. You’ll get a chance lớn hand-feed the giraffes at this time. Following the cruise moves on over to lớn the aviary to feed the birds và get some colourful photographs. 

Once you’ve spent time with the birds, stop at the 3 chiều art gallery on the way lớn get more awesome photographs as well as cooling yourself down at the hotdemo part of the day with the air conditioning. Midday is a great time lớn get some lunch và slap some more sunscreen on. 

After that check out the shops en-route khổng lồ the waterpark – there are lots of outlet bargains khổng lồ be found here along with decent swimwear shops that you won’t find in the Old Town.

Make a plan for your visit and don’t forget to lớn follow the map. Photo: Anmãng cầu Jamieson

It’s the water park for the afternoon then if the sun gets too svào, go inkhổng lồ the indoor game building khổng lồ enjoy some trampolining & miễn phí arcade games. After your gaming hit the amusement park for the afternoon or head bachồng to lớn the pools. In between grab some dinner & then catch a 4 chiều movie while your food settles. Head bachồng on over to the funfair before finishing off your day at the water laser show.

Where khổng lồ Eat in VinPearl Lvà Hoi An

VinPearl L& Hoi An doesn’t have the typically overpriced basic meals you find in similar establishments around the world. Surprisingly, most things are fairly priced. Many restaurants are open just until after lunch or close at 6 pm. However, there are still many options khổng lồ choose from right up until closing time.


Lotteria is a fast food restaurant mix up very similarly to lớn McDonald’s. This restaurant has everything you would typically expect, including burgers, fries, chicken wings & even rice dishes. These meals range from 31,000 VND to 114,000 VND (1.35 to lớn 4.95 USD). So come here for a fast, easy & cheap meal.

VinPearl Lvà Foodcourt

If you’re travelling in a large group và you all have different preferences, the best place for you to go is VinPearl Lvà foodcourt. This food court has many different stalls offering noodle soups, a rice station, sandwiches, grill BBQ, pizza, noodles, rice pancakes, wrap-rolls, desserts and refreshments. With all of these options, it’s bound khổng lồ please everyone.

A fairytale castle houses the 4 chiều cinema. Photo: Anna Jamieson

Deli Land

Deli Land is our family favourite because it has so much for everyone. Situated at the entrance, this conveniently placed restaurant has everything from a fruit bar khổng lồ a soup bar & loads in between. It’s open from 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m. và offers a buffet from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. costing 250,000 VND (10.90 USD) per adult and 175,000 VND (7.60 USD) per child. This slightly higher market restaurant will not disappoint.


If you’re missing shopping at international branded clothing stores, VinPearl Land Hoi An is your go-lớn. With many different stores such as Ripcurl, factory outlets, Alibatía và Gustavo Gano Italy, come here to lớn siêu thị as you will not find these stores in the Old Town. These stores are also a lifesaver if you forget lớn bring your bathing suit.

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Hidden Hint: Buy non-slip swyên ổn shoes in the gift cửa hàng or bring plastic flip flops. The ground is searing hot in between the slides và pools!

Traditional Vietnamese games can be played at VinPearl Land Hoi An Amusement Park. Photo: Anmãng cầu Jamieson

Hidden’s Thoughts

VinPearl L& Hoi An is an absolute must-see while you’re in the Hoi An area. The cleverly designed scene of Hoi An’s Old Town by the river is an amazing place to lớn visit after spending some time in the Ancient Town. This amusement park is great for a memorable day out with the family or large groups of travellers. Even if you’re not a ‘thrill-seeker’ there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Arriving at 5 p.m. is a good budget option if you just want to spend an hour in the water park and then enjoy the funfair afterwards. However, if you want khổng lồ enjoy everything that the park has lớn offer, we strongly recommkết thúc arriving early on a dry day, with plenty of sunscreens. Take many air conditioning breaks và drink lots of water. But most importantly, have sầu fun. – it’s what this whole park is built for!

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