Vinpearl Aquarium Times City Ở Đâu


Vinpearl Aquarium is the largest, most modern và the first underground aquarium in Vietnam situated in the Vincom Mega Mall Times City. With a capacity of 3 million litres of water, this aquarium is trang chủ to thousands of sea species. Some rare creatures here are penguins, otters và seacows. Families and those interested in learning about some gorgeous marine ecosystem should head here.

Vinpearl Aquarium is located inside Vincom Mega Mall Times đô thị inHanoi, and is one of the most modern and beautiful aquariums in the world. Spread prolifically over an area of 4000 meters and trang chủ to more than 300 colourful fishes và other animals lượt thích penguin, snakes, turtles và giant spider crab, this aquarium is visited by a large number of people every year. A tunnel with an escalator is also located inside which gives a splendid view of the beautiful species & makes you feel as if you are also a part of the underwater world. Vinpearl Aquarium is a perfect place lớn explore và know about the variety of oceanic species without actually going khổng lồ the ocean. It is a beautiful place to lớn visit lớn break miễn phí from the monotony of daily life và enjoy some time being in the company of radiant and lively fishes. A trip lớn Vinpearl Aquarium will make you feel as if you are also in the ocean swimming & playing with these magnificent aquatic creatures.

Vinpearl Aquarium Times đô thị Tickets

Monday khổng lồ Friday: Person (140 cm and above): VND 170,000Person (80 cm- 140 cm): VND 100,000Person (below 80 cm): FreeSaturday, Sunday & holidays: Person (140 cm and above): VND 220,000Person (80 centimet - 140 cm): VND 150,000Person (below 80 cm): Free

Biodiversityat Vinpearl Aquarium Times City

There are over 300 Aquatic Species at Vinpearl Aquarium Times đô thị (Source)With more than 300 species, Vinpearl Aquarium is not only replete with colourful và mesmerizing aquatic animals but a number of reptiles & penguins too. Some of the species of fish that can be seen gracefully swimming in the water include Arapaima, Discus fish, Catlocarpio siamensis and Freshwater Stingray. They are absolutely stunning and a delight to look at. Vinpearl Aquarium is also home to some big sharks and Giant Stingray that will excite and thrill you. There are also a number of reptiles that you can easily spot at Vinpearl Aquarium including Lizards, Turtle, Tortoise & Gold pythons. But the main highlight of the aquarium are the adorable penguins. Vinpearl Aquarium has the honour of being the first place where a penguin was born in Vietnam. All these creatures make this aquarium a must visit và the beauty of every single one of them will leave you awestruck.

Vinpeal AquariumSections

There are4 Main Sections at Vinpearl Aquarium Times City, As Well As a Food Court (Source)Freshwater fish area: The theme of the Freshwater Fish area is "All the streams run into the Sea", it is designed to lớn make you feel as if you have entered a tropical region. To địa chỉ more to the tropical effect, a number of creepers and bushy trees are also put up in the aquarium. The beautiful fishes belonging to the Amazon River và Mekong River that you can spot here includes Arapaima, Siamensis, Catlocarpio và Discus Fish. Reptile area: The Reptile area is built in the form of a cave which is replete with reptiles, amphibians và insects. This part of the aquarium depicts the rainforest và is the first aquarium in Vietnam to lớn possess a reptile nurturing area.

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The myriad of species include lizards, Turtles, tortoise & Golden python. Some of the fascinating insects lượt thích Latrodectus, Red Centipede & King Scorpion can also be seen in this section of the aquarium. Saltwater Fish area: The Saltwater Fish area comprises of a diverse variety of species that generally live in the ocean. This area is built like a tunnel where you can get lost & enjoy the feeling of floating in the ocean. The most fascinating creature, which is popular not amongst travelers but locals too, is the penguin. The penguins have their own oasis where they live happily & reproduce. They are adorable creatures that look extremely spellbinding, flapping their wings or swimming on the water. This area also has some of the most deadliest yet mesmerising fishes like sharks and Giant Stingrays. A number of other oceanic creatures lượt thích octopus, starfish và crabs can also be spotted here which makes it the best section in the aquarium. Specimen Gallery Area: Last but not the least is the Specimen Gallery Area where more than 200 aquatic animals from around the world are kept on display. These interesting specimen are surrounded by beautiful lighting that makes it look real và a number of video clip footages are also there for the visitors khổng lồ enhance their knowledge and explore the fascinating world of aquatic animals. Yummy Land Fast-food: If you get hungry after all the exploring, the aquarium also has a fast food restaurant at the kết thúc of the main tunnel where you can enjoy some scrumptious food lớn satiate your stomach. A souvenir cửa hàng is also located inside the restaurant where you can buy quaint & beautiful articles to lớn keep the memories of visiting this aquarium inactive và also gift them to lớn your loved ones.

Vinpearl Aquarium Times đô thị Activities

There are Frequent Mermaid Shows Organised at Vinpearl Aquarium (Source)Educational tours: khổng lồ explore & know about every species in the aquarium, you can also indulge in an educational tour that is organized by the aquarium khổng lồ impart knowledge & fascinating facts about the oceanic creatures and the world they live in. These tours are useful for not only students but everyone who want to lớn get an insight into the exotic and vivid underwater life. Mermaid shows: If you have never seen a mermaid in real life, not to worry as at Vinpearl Aquarium you can witness beautiful mermaids dancing amidst colourful fishes in the glistening water. Mermaid shows are frequently organized at the aquarium which should not be missed because the beauty of it is such that you will not want to miss it.

How lớn ReachVinpearl Aquarium Times City

Vinpearl Aquarium can be reached easily from any part of Hanoi by hiring a car và travelling to lớn Vincom Mega Mall Times City. The mall is located in phố minh khai Street in Hai tía Trung district. A number of buses also run regularly from different parts of the đô thị that will drop you off outside the mall.
Vinpearl Aquarium Times đô thị in Hanoi, Vietnam (Source)Vinpearl Aquarium in Times city is a must visit because for everyone it will transport you to a whole different world making you feel as if you are in the middle of an ocean amidst spectacular aquatic creatures. This place will be cherished by people of all age groups and everyone will be left in awe by the dazzling beauty of this place.