Amazing phong nha cave tour dari kota hue


Hue to Phong Nha cave day tour is running by Phong Nha Locals Travel và Transport.

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 As you know, Phong Nha Cave is a part of the caves systems in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National park. It is one of the must-explore caves when you traveling to lớn Phong Nha/ Dong Hoi thành phố. Hue to lớn Phong Nha Cave tour can be your great choice for this summer holiday. Join us khổng lồ admire the masterpiece of nature offered khổng lồ Quang Binch province!


Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park has a group of over 300 caves multi-shaped known as the “Kingdom of the cave”. It is the place where there is a mystery of wonders và attraction, a paradise for scientists in caves, explorers, & tourists. Up to now, 170 caves have sầu been found. Amuốn that, Phong Nha Cave is really prominent with a surveyed length of nearly 8 km, mainly with underground rivers. Phong Nha cave sầu is beautiful và special different from others.

Phong Nha National ParkThis Phong Nha cave sầu tour from Hue option designed for travelers staying in Hue và not plan lớn Phong Nha Ke Bang Park due khổng lồ limited time of traveling.

Detailed Itinerary:

At 6:30 am – 7:00 am: Phong Nha Locals TourGuide & driver will pick you up at your khách sạn in Hue & depart khổng lồ Phong Nha National Park.

La Vang ChurchAt about 8:30 am: On the way, we will stop at La Vang Holy Land to visit the famous pilgrimage site of the Catholics in Vietnam giới. Take a short break & take some photos after 1.5 hours driving on highway No1.

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Vinh Moc Tunnels At 10:00 am: We will drive sầu to Doc Mieu FireBase, Hien Luong Bridge, Ben Hai River, and Vinh Moc Tunnels, our tour guide will brief about Vietphái mạnh War history. Please note that our trip will not stop for a visit, we just go pass them.


Around 11:30 pm: We arrive at the Phong Nha National Park area và have lunch at a local restaurant with Vietnamese dishes.

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At 13:00 pm: We will take a sampan boat lớn go along the Son River through Phong Nha Cave sầu. It is such an enjoyable experience for tourists lớn sightsee fabulous views along the river banks. On the boat, you will enjoy the rustic scenes such as water buffalos, limestone peaks, and church steeples lớn the cave’s gaping mouth. The engine is then cut and the boats are negotiated silently through cavern after garishly illuminated cavern. On the return leg, there’s the option lớn climb (via 330 steps) up khổng lồ the mountainside Tien Son Cave with the remains of 9th-century Cyêu thích altars.

Phong Nha Cave15:00 pm: We will get on the boat to lớn go bachồng lớn Phong Nha Boat Station. Get on the oto for driving transfer baông chồng to Hue city. 

Around 20:00 pm: We arrive sầu at your khách sạn in Hue city & finish the Hue lớn Phong Nha cave 1-day trip! Phong Nha Locals wish you have sầu a great experience with us!

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Private Car with A/C.English speaking tour guide. Lunch at a local restaurant.Boat trip on Son River. Entrance fees. Mineral water.