15 fun things to do in hoi an vietnam: a first timer hoi an guide


One of the best places khổng lồ visit in Vietnam giới, Hoi An (Vietnamese: Hội An) is a darling little town located in Central Vietphái mạnh. The old town was a trading port from the 15th-19th century & was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Today it boasts bright yellow colored colonial French architecture, a quaint riverfront promenade, pedestrian-friendly streets, và the most unique feature – hundreds of colorful lanterns that light up the town every evening.

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It’s easy khổng lồ see why Hoi An is a highlight of pretty much every Vietnam giới itinerary. Keep reading khổng lồ find out the trăng tròn best things to lớn vị in Hoi An!


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Hoi An Travel Basics

Currency in Vietnam

The currency of Vietphái nam is the Dong (VND) & at the time of writing, the exchange rate was approximately23,000 VND khổng lồ $1 USD. So if we say that something costs 50,000 VND, that’s a little over $2. And don’t worry about bringing a lot of cash, there are plenty of ATMs around Hoi An.

Coco Box Coffee Shop

Hoi An is located in Central Vietnam giới, about a 45-minute drive south of Da Nang which is trang chính to a large international airport. You can book a oto in advance, or there are plenty of options at the airport once you arrive sầu.

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Book an Airport Transfer to lớn Hoi An

Hoi An is also near Hue, the ancient imperial capital of Vietnam. You can take the train fromHue khổng lồ Da Nang and then hire a oto khổng lồ drive sầu the last 45 minutes. You can also book a van transfer all the way fromHue khổng lồ Hoi An (or vice versa) which is quite a bit faster and every bit as scenic as the train.

Getting Around Hoi An

As with almost all cities in Vietnam giới, we recommend downloading Grab (iPhone | Android) on your phone và using it to get around. Grab is the most popular ride-hailing tiện ích in Southeast Asia & with it, you can easily get quick và inexpensive rides around Hoi An, Da Nang, và An Bang Beach.

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Of course, you’ll need internet access to lớn take advantage of Grab so we also recommkết thúc purchasing a SIM card as soon as you arrive sầu in Vietnam giới.