The Top Things To Do And See In Hoi An, Vietnam


One of Vietnam’s most charming destinations, there’s no question that Hoi An is a feast for the senses in every way.

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From the iconic & UNESCO-listed Old Town with its beautiful cobbled streets & lanterns hanging in the air, through to lớn the city’s amazing culinary scene and riverside setting, not to mention the many easy day trips you can head out on from here, Hoi An is a spot I absolutely recommend getting on your Vietnam giới itinerary.

So, if you are thinking of heading here (& once again, you absolutely should!), here’s my list of the top 13 things lớn vì chưng in Hoi An, as well as some travel tips to help you make the best of your time there too…

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#1 Wander the Old Town


Without a doubt, the best thing to lớn bởi in Hoi An is to lớn wander its marvellous Old Town.

One of the most picturesque và charming places in Vietnam giới, this old đô thị feels trapped in time, but is beautifully clean & quaint, which means just wandering its wonderful historical streets is a real pleasure.

Filled with shops, cafes, markets and restaurants, the streets here are always alive sầu with action as the many lanterns that run above the cobbles sway gently in the breeze.

If you’re into lớn photography, Hoi An is a dream come true, so ensure you take your camera with you as you get lost & soak in the magic of this historic đô thị.

#2 Relax on a River Cruise


And once you’ve sầu wandered the streets of Hoi An – which is a great afternoon activity – it’s time khổng lồ enjoy a river cruise.

Located on the banks of a river, Hoi An also has magical water setting và every evening, around dusk, lots of local boats line-up adorned with lanterns to take tourists out on night-time river cruises.

With the calm waterways providing a relaxing experience và a backdrop of an amazing sunphối và Hoi An lighting up at night, this is a magical experience that certainly shouldn’t be missed while you are here.

#3 Try Your Hand at Lantern Making


And with all this talk of wonderful mood lighting, you may have sầu guessed by now that yes, Hoi An is the lantern capital of Vietnam!

Ok, I don’t know that for sure, but I’m pretty sure it is!

As soon as you get to lớn Hoi An you’ll see what I mean, because literally hundreds & hundreds of paper lanterns light up this thành phố.

Hanging on wires across streets, strung up in doorways, lighting restaurants và even riverside boats, the lanterns of Hoi An only add to its magical and thắm thiết atmosphere và it’s no surprise that there are many lantern shops where you can buy these beauties too.

But perhaps more fun is the fact that you can also learn to make these lanterns as well from a Hoi An local.

The perfect daytime activity, kiểm tra out this top lantern-making activity to lớn give sầu you some inspiration.

#4 Take a Cooking Class


But if lantern making isn’t your thing (và maybe eating is more!), then don’t despair… there’s plenty of amazing cooking classes you can take in Hoi An too.

Now we all know that Vietnamese food is some of the best in the world, so why not take your turn at learning how to make it?

The perfect setting lớn learn all the top culinary tips from a local, Hoi An is the perfect place lớn try your hvà at rustling up some delicious Vietnamese fare care of a great cooking class.

Chechồng out this top option to learn more.

#5 Visit An Bang Beach


And once you’ve sầu done either your crafting or your cooking class, or both if you’re really keen, who can deny that it’s time to lớn kichồng back?!

Yes like all good holiday destination, Hoi An is also super near the coast, which is why this top Vietnamese destination really has it all.

A short bike, scooter or taxi ride away, it’s easy khổng lồ reach the coast in under half an hour from central Hoi An, where you can then relax on the Trắng shores or swim in the lovely ocean.

Cafes & bars line the place too & there’s always a good atmosphere.

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The best beach in my opinion is An Bang – a long sandy strip you should definitely head to at least once during your time in this part of Vietnam.

Relaxing here is absolutely one of the top things to vị in Hoi An!

#6 Rent a Bike


And a key way to get lớn An Bang beach (as I’ve sầu mentioned) or around Hoi An in general, is by bike.

If you’ve sầu been to Vietnam before, you’ll know they love sầu a bicycle here… and Hoi An is no exception!

Either rent one yourself và use khổng lồ find your way or around, or enjoy a cycling tour – a wonderful day activity that is certainly one of the best things khổng lồ experience in Hoi An.

There’s bike tours that take you on food excursions, as well as to the neighbouring countryside khổng lồ see more authentic Vietnamese life – either one of these will provide a top local experience in a quiet & relaxed way.

Plus, you’ll get the chance lớn burn off some of that amazing food too!

Chechồng out these cycling tour options in Hoi An to lớn discover more…

#7 Eat and Drink!


Once you’ve sầu enjoyed some cycling though, it’s probably time to refuel… and you’re in luck!

Hoi An is one of the top foodie spots in Vietphái nam – a country that’s already a foodie heaven, so what could be better?!

The centre of Hoi An has so many amazing restaurants, cafes và bars that it’s impossible khổng lồ menu them all here, but whether you want market street food or top-notch restaurants, this thành phố delivers it all, with a stunning backdrop to boot!

Ask around for top recommendations, or just wander the streets and dive sầu inkhổng lồ any spot that looks busy and delicious!

Oh và don’t forget to lớn kiểm tra out the local markets in Hoi An too – there’s plenty around!

#8 Shop Till you Drop


And if it’s not eating, it’s shopping.

Yes it seems just about every storefront in Hoi An is either an eating joint or a shopping place, so don’t hold back!

This thành phố is actually famous for its tailors, so even if you’re not into souvenirs usually, getting an incredibly made and very cost-efffective sầu suit or dress is absolutely one of the most chất lượng things khổng lồ vì chưng in Hoi An.

#9 Watch a Water Puppet Show


But it’s not just when it comes to the shopping, the eating and the drinking that Hoi An reveals itself khổng lồ be a quintessential Vietnamese destination, nope, this thành phố also showcases traditional elements of Vietnamese culture too, such as water puppet shows.

A customary performance derived from when people used to spkết thúc long hours, deep in water, farming the rice paddies, you have sầu lớn catch at least one of these shows when are in Vietphái mạnh.

Hanoi is another top place khổng lồ vì this if you happen not to lớn be able khổng lồ fit it into your Hoi An itinerary.

#10 See Sunrise at the My Son Ruins


Ok so now this one is an absolute favourite of mine – in fact, it was one of my favourite activities in the whole of Vietnam!

Visiting the My Son ruins at sunrise is an absolute must, even if you hate getting up early!

Honestly, this trip is definitely worth the early rise as you get picked up from your accommodation and driven to these incredible ruins deep in the jungle foliage.

Entering the UNESCO-listed site, khổng lồ wander the ruins in the beautiful sunrise light, as that golden glow bounces off the red briông chồng exteriors amid a wild và wonderful setting, is like nothing else.

Plus, it gets so hot and humid out here, you’ll be delighted you chose to sightsee early in the morning!

Normally a half-day trip from Hoi An, I recommend choosing the river cruise option bachồng – it costs a fraction more, but it’s a great way to get a full experience & arrive bachồng in Hoi An at lunchtime in style!

#11 Day Trip lớn Da’Nang


And if you’re inkhổng lồ your day trips, then another one you can’t miss when you visit Hoi An is to head to lớn the nearby và much larger đô thị of Da’Nang.

Situated on the coast nearby, this is a much busier thành phố, but the beach here is gorgeous and is a really popular holiday spot for locals & tourists alượt thích.

Day trip here khổng lồ relax in the s& và swyên in the ocean and try to stay until dark so you can see the light, water and fire spectacle at the Dragon Bridge (the longest bridge in Vietnam) in the evening.

Just ask anyone, you can’t miss it!

To find out how to lớn travel from Hoi An to Da’Nang, clichồng here.

#12 Visit the Beautiful Cham Islands


And another top day trip, and certainly one of the best things lớn vị while you’re in Hoi An, is to head khổng lồ the Csay mê Islands.

There’s actually 8 islands in this gorgeous enclave, which is part of a UNESCO-listed World Biosphere Reserve sầu.

Here you can enjoy scucha diving và snorkelling or just explore local fishing villages and beautiful beaches.

Either way, it’s pretty dreamy!

#13 Head khổng lồ Hue


And last but not least on this danh sách of the top 13 things lớn vì in Hoi An, it’s time khổng lồ take yet another trip out of town, this time lớn the UNESCO-listed ancient imperial city of Hue.

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I won’t go into lớn this destination too much now, as I’ve sầu written a whole post about it here but, needless to say, this is another Vietnamese spot you can’t miss on your travels here.