If you meet up with your squads to get updates about your best friend’s ex boyfriend, or how Mark Zuckerberg was recently grilled by the Congress, don’t come here! Don’t you say I haven’t warned you!


I have learned of The Hidden Elephant for a while before my first visit. If I remember correctly (which I normally don’t), one nhận xét page did not recommover visiting this place unless you are here to submerge yourself in books. And I took the advice seriously. It took me a few weeks lớn gather strength & courage lớn join the place.

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The Hidden Elephant — such a witty name! Among souvenir shops và touristy Ben Thanh khô Market, there’s a xanh (I believe wooden) sign leading you khổng lồ the coffee shop. Located in an old apartment building — typical trendy coffee place one may say, but with my (limited) coffee hopping experience, I don’t think it is.

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Along the stairways, you will find various rules (or rather warnings) applicable at The Hidden Elephant. Read it once và you will be bound by it. “The Elephant is Hidden because he’s too noisy #don’t_be_like_him” is my favorite. One will behead you if you open your mouth, trust me!

The Hidden Elephant has three areas for your selection: main reading room, balcony looking over Bitexco & a balcony area for those with piercing voices. For such a high heat Saturday, the air-bé reading room is my perfect match. We ordered two tea pots & settled down by the window. I am impressed at how much silence was being kept in the main reading room. Perhaps I should have whispered my order, but never mind.

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The main reading room is one classic reading hub you can imagine. The entire right side wall is covered by a bookshelf that reaches the ceiling…with stairs of course. I fell in love sầu with the bookshelf right away. Now that’s love at first sight we should all be talking about. From novels to lớn self-help books, feel free to lớn piông xã one of your preference & sit down. Once you are done with it, put it in the basket nearby so it gets baông chồng to lớn the right shelf later.

Mango coconut tea

Overall I never hated the idea of a book coffee cửa hàng in the heart of this busy đô thị. Find no more, cos your hiding nook is just a few steps away from what you are trying lớn hide from — the busy life out there. What sets The Hidden Elephant from other coffee shops for me is the owner’s witty sense of humor. Who isn’t impressed by quotes & reading rules at the place, right?