Smart Phi

Smart Phi is a project created by the Mexican company Phi Tu Asesor en Soluciones in collaboration with the ECAFE development group in the USA. The main objective is lớn explore and develop new technological tools in order lớn evolve the insurance & pension industry. Through the implementation of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, sovereign identity & blockchain. To help reduce transaction time và cost. We are developing algorithms for calculating expenses, reserves & their impact on the cost of products in order khổng lồ estimate an appropriate price for each user. Due khổng lồ the high development of the Tron network, we decided khổng lồ implement the applications in this network. Being part of the partners representing the Tron network is the way we show our confidence in this project. With the tư vấn of the community we hope khổng lồ continue developing this project.

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Voter Reward

Because we believe in fair, equitable and responsible participation with society, Smart Phi proposes khổng lồ establish a voter reward rate equivalent khổng lồ 90%, the other 10% will go to a social integration program, which consists of donations to lớn institutions that help combat violence and discrimination against women & children in vulnerable situations.

Phase 1

 During phase 1 launch in 2018, all .01 SmartPhi voters will be given away for each vote made to our super representative PHI-ECAFE, which can be exchanged as of January 1, đôi mươi 19.

 Phase 2

After the token launch & throughout 2019, .001 SmartPhi will be awarded for each vote made to our super representative sầu PHI-ECAFE this so that users can vì chưng proof of work và have sầu additional benefits.

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 Phase 3

During 2020 the prototyping of smart contracts will be carried out on the Tron platform in order to Reviews their scope và coupling with the insurance project, during this phase users will be given 0.0001 SmartPhi for each vote made at our super representative PHI-ECAFE, additionally 100% of the rewards generated by their votes will be delivered khổng lồ the voters. It is expected that before the over of the year it will be included in the Polonidex pairs in order lớn make the swap more practical.


Phase 4

It will be decided if the platform can be launched through a DAPPhường in the Tron network or if a specific blockchain private network is generated for the operation, in any case the token holders will be notified so that they can change them . 


 The SmartPhi token can và will be changed at any time in proportion 1 Smartphi = 1 Tron & the integration of its funds will take up khổng lồ 24 hours once the tokens are sent to the trương mục TMXiQ2W35fDochXM6dDUrF3ZDnWR2uwcRW

 The SmartPhi tokens in the first 4 phases of the project have no cost và will be given as a bonus for the vote of the users khổng lồ the super representative sầu PHI-ECAFE.

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We appreciate your trust in the development of new solutions and we ask you to liên hệ us in case of any questions or comments.


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