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At 3,143 meters, Mount Fansipan is Indochina's highest mountain. The ascent is a must for hikers and fit adventurous visitors to Sapa.

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At 2860m, Lao Than peak is considered the roof of Y Ty. Lao Than is known for being next to lớn the clouds và sun. It’s fresh wind will blow through your hair leaving you breathless...​​


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At 3,143 meters, Mount Fansipan is Indochina's highest mountain. The ascent is a must for hikers & fits adventurous visitors to Sapa.


Bach Moc Luong Tu ( Ky quan liêu San) Peak at 3046m is the 4th highest mountain of Vietnam, the natural boundary of the two provinces of Lai Chau and Lao Cai.

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At Sapa Khai Hmong Treks, our purpose is to lớn provide inspiring cultural experiences for travelers who want more than a view from their hotel window. Our treks and homestays help visitors to lớn immerse themselves in the culture of Sapa và the black Hmong tribe of the Lao Chai villages.​Trek with us khổng lồ experience the majestic beauty of the Sapa mountains, traditional local villages, and the beautiful dress of the Hmong people. Our homestay accommodation deepens the cultural experience through time spent with the local people, delicious local cuisine, và the discovery of traditional crafts.​We are driven by a passion for the Sapa region, the Lao Chai village, và the culture of the black Hmong ethnic minority. Our vision is khổng lồ sustain the village culture & bring its magic to lớn international visitors. Through this, we aim khổng lồ provide opportunities lớn the local village people and provide the means to build a local school, to improve the education and prosperity of future generations.​Our business is owned and operated by Khai Thao, a black Hmong tribesman who has formal tourism and English language qualifications. Let us show you the real Sapa. Read more about us