Hanoi nightlife: the best bars in hanoi old quarter


This complete và up-to-date guide will take you lớn the best Hanoi rooftop bars, with all info you need about each venue: opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more.

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The capital of Vietphái mạnh is a large và classic Asian đô thị, with high-rise buildings and very pleasant prices. While the rooftops Hanoi might charge a bit more than the regular street màn chơi bar, you can get fantastic views và luxurious settings at great value. So, which is the best rooftop bar Hanoi? Scroll down & find the Hanoi rooftop bar best suited for you.

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Top of Hanoi is quite a distance Hanoi"s highest rooftop bar. Located on the 65th floor of the Lotte Hotel Hanoi, which gives a stunning 360-degree views of the entire Hanoi và its surroundings. But jaw dropping viewst is absolutely not the only reason to visit. From the rooftop bar you can order tasty cocktails along with premium spirits and fine wines. Also a restaurant, with tasty & classic bistro-style cuisine from the open kitchen which is located on the rooftop. The ambience is sophisticated but relaxed & the service fantastic.

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Located on top of the fabulous Pan Pacific Hanoi, this is one of the most luxurious rooftop bars Hanoi has lớn offer. From the roof terrace you get a magical 360-degree views of the thành phố skyline, the lakes và the Red River. Both indoor lounge and rooftop terrace, Summit Lounge offers great drinks, luxury furnishings, fabulous views and a relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy a wide variety of tasty và well crafted signature cocktails and even Pan Pacific Hanoi own classics, along with a nice phối set of Asian gourmet bar bites.

Skyline Hanoi, nicknamed "Rooftop of the Old Quarter", is a charming và beautiful rooftop restaurant & sky lounge, offering impressive sầu 360-degree views over the thành phố skyline. Equipped with both stylish indoor restaurant và spacious outdoor terrace, here you can enjoy tasty local Vietnamese dishes & International classics, along with well-made và smart cocktails. A calm & lovely rooftop oasis, topped with friendly service.

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The Rooftop Hanoi is a rooftop bar, lounge, restaurant & nightclub all in one, located just a short walk from the Hanoi Railway Station. The view from up here is impressive over the buzzing đô thị below. Both spacious & stylish indoor lounge và restaurant and a more narrow rooftop terrace with all the seats right at the edge, giving front row views over the skyline. The terrace is quite chill và perfect for more lãng mạn vibes, while the indoor lounge comes with live sầu music three nights a week and live sầu DJs turning the mood up closer lớn nightclub.