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Photo by An Lam River Resort Saigon.

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What could be more soothing after a long week in a vibrant thành phố than a brief getaway vacation? to lớn cater khổng lồ the demand for retreats, many resorts have been established not far from Ho chi Minh City, with great amenities, professional services, and gorgeous greeneries. If you are visiting Ho bỏ ra Minh City & would lượt thích to look for a peaceful rest near the city, don't overlook the recommendations below.

An Lam Saigon River

A perfect destination for nature lovers. Photo by‌‌

An Lam Saigon River is a beautiful resort in Binh Duong Province that reopened in December 2021. Contemporary architecture is mainly used, then merged with the essence of local heritage & a cảm biến of tropical decoration to lớn create a harmonious design for the resort. It takes 25 minutes by boat lớn arrive in your new serene setting. There is a pick-up transportation service provided by the resort:

Airport transfers: khổng lồ pick up guests at chảy Son Nhat airport by An Lam's staffSpeedboat transfers: the pickup point is at Saigon Waterbus Station, Me Linh square, Ben Nghe ward, District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

For more information about accessibility, accomodations, pricing or booking, you can visit the An Lam Saigon River website.

Relaxing moments at An Lam Saigon River. Photo by

Ashore on the Saigon River, An Lam offers a stunning view of the river, from dawn lớn dusk. You may start your day with a peaceful ambiance by the river, surrounded by lush foliage và fresh air, and then spend the rest of the day resting at An Lam's jungle spa, attending a Vietnamese cooking class, or simply enjoying the delicious cuisine prepared by An Lam's chef. In the evening, you can experience a thắm thiết sunset cruise khổng lồ fully embrace the beauty of the Saigon River & create unforgettable memories with your beloved ones. This is an excellent spot for retreating with endless experience.

Chi-Bu Riverside Resort

A beautiful & tranquil Vietnam countryside is recreated at Chi-Bu Riverside Resort. Photo by Chi-Bu Vietnam Facebook Page.

Chi-Bu Riverside Resort is settled in Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, by the peaceful Ong keo dán River. Just 50km away from Ho đưa ra Minh City's center, which takes around 1 hour by car, Chi-Bu Riverside is a hidden gem for those who love silence, serenity, and notably, the old-time Vietnam countryside.

Located along the river, Chi-Bu Riverside not only offers a relaxing retreat but also a variety of entertaining activities both inside the resort and in the surrounding area. Within 1 hour's drive, there are 2 golf courses: Long Thanh Golf and Jeongson Golf, which can be reached within 1 hour's drive. If you enjoy playing at water parks, don't forget to kiểm tra out Bo Cap Vang—a popular water park on the river and only 5 minutes away from Chi-Bu Riverside.

Wonderful resting moments in a tranquil garden. Photo by Chi-Bu Vietnam Facebook Page

Inside the resort, you can experience paddle-boarding or SUB riding on the private stretch of clean river. All water sports activities are included in your room rate, so you only need to lớn book ahead of time for the best preparation. If you are a culinary lover, Chi-Bu Riverside may also serve you well with a flavorful menu of organic và locally sourced cuisines.

With only a few cottages at Chi-Bu Riverside Resort, your precious calm retreat is always guaranteed.

For room và rates information, please refer lớn their website.

Sanctuary Ho Tram

Sanctuary is a harmonious combination of the blue sea, sunlight, & tranquil river. Photo by Sanctuary Resort Facebook Page.

Sanctuary Resort is located in Ho Tram Hamlet, bố Ria-Vung Tau Province. From Ho chi Minh City's central points, it takes around 2-hour drive lớn get here. Sanctuary is a villa complex, first established in 2012, và is one of the best oceanfront resort communities in the area. The resort owns 17 hectares of land, an 800-meter-long sandy beach and a freshwater lake within. The accommodation is spacious, eco-friendly, well-equipped with high class exquisite amenities, và is supervised by a top-notch management team. Sanctuary Resort's competent and attentive service will never let you down.

Sanctuary is a place where you may reconnect with nature and soothe your spirit.. Photo by Sanctuary Resort Facebook Page.

What could be better than a refreshing morning with an in-bed breakfast, which is carefully prepared by the wholehearted chef? The beach is conveniently accessible for a walk, yoga practice, or simply sitting by the shore & enjoying a quiet day while listening khổng lồ the sounds of nature. If you want to lớn recharge your energy, don't forget khổng lồ experience a mas sa day inside the resort, and savor superb cuisines at Sanctuary's restaurant.

Sanctuary Resort is an ideal place for couples, families, or groups of friends looking for a completely peaceful retreat.

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La Maison de Campagne Resort

A poetic cài đặt right inside Ho chi Minh City. Photo by La Maison de Campagne Facebook Page. 

Situated in a suburb of Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố - Cu chi District, which is around 20km away from the center, La Maison de Campagne, welcomes guests with a warm & friendly ambiance. The resort is a six-bedroom trang chủ constructed in the heart of a gorgeous garden, which brings about serenity & relaxation. With its traditional setups and French architectural style, La Maison evokes memories of life in Vietnam's villages.

La Maison de Campagne is also near The Cu đưa ra Tunnels - one of the most popular historical relics in Ho đưa ra Minh City; you may save your time to lớn visit và explore Vietnam's history.

A traditional Vietnamese-style bedroom with plenty of natural light and plants.. Photo by La Maison de Campagne Facebook Page.

The bedrooms of La Maison de Campagne are tastefully designed, elegant, & well-equipped for guests' everyday usage. There is a 13-meter-long pool with a jacuzzi placed right in the middle of the property, ready lớn meet any demand of leisure. A large garden at the resort is always accessible for guests khổng lồ visit, have a morning walk, drink a cup of tea, & enjoy fresh air with beautiful trees.

More information on lodging, services, và a booking hotline may be found on La Maison's website (English is available).

Cajou Resort

A lovely countryside nearby Ho chi Minh City. Photo by cajou-resort.

Cajou is a local resort in Duc Hoa District, Long An Province. Driving 23km khổng lồ the west of Ho đưa ra Minh City, you will find a peaceful Cajou situated inside a huge Vietnam-style garden. Compared to lớn other high-end retreats, Cajou is a family-run business, offers modest facilities while the ambiance is truly serene và friendly.

Coming to Cajou, you will be surprised by a quiet & green countryside, with a clean pool in the heart, covered by many wooded trees & rare exotic wood species.

Having a walk through this garden may help recharge your energy and ease your mind. Photo by cajou-resort.

The big park always welcomes guests to visit, enjoying the freshness & tranquility in the air. Their swimming pool is 12 meters large & well-maintained, và hammocks, deckchairs, và rocking chairs are provided for your leisure. Cajou resort is run by a French-Vietnamese couple, you can find lovely mixtures in their setups & cuisines. Food at Cajou is prepared by the owners, an inventive French menu with elegant appearance & exquisite flavors.

Cajou is a charming, calm resort, which helps guests connect to pure nature, refresh their mind, and fully enjoy the happiness of life.

If you are interested in this local retreat, visit their trang web for more information.

The RUỘNG Resort (Green field resort)

The gorgeous view for every morning at The Ruong Resort. Photo by

“Ruộng", in Vietnamese means green fields. Vietnamese who were born và raised in the rural areas may recall recollections of paddy fields that are full of sunlight & tranquil. Ruộng resort is built khổng lồ recreate those old-time memories. The resort was established in 2019, located in Xuyen Moc District, tía Ria-Vung Tau Province, và takes approximately 2 hours from Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị to visit. Quietly situated at the over of a village, covered by extensive green fields, The Ruộng aims to lớn leverage natural and traditional materials for lodging. Every room has a wide xuất hiện space lớn maximize natural light và countryside view.

Simple và splendid architecture style at The Ruộng. Photo by‌‌

The accommodation is clean, neat và beautiful for your getaway. F&B is available & ready to lớn serve at a cozy restaurant inside the resort. Staying at The Ruộng, you can both admire an elegant sunrise or a beautiful sunset. Being temporarily away from the hussle of big cities, you may find peace và serenity at the retreat.

Green Bamboo Lodge Resort

Lodging is built in a stilt house style. Photo by

Green bamboo lodge is a combination of hostel and camp site, located in a forest near Nam mèo Tien National Park, Dong Nai Province. This place is considered one of the best rated resorts around the national park. Green bamboo lodge resort offers a pristine natural landscape of mountains, wild forest, and lakes. Rooms are built and decorated in a stilt house style, which brings about special and wild experiences.

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A lot of guests love to lớn camp around the beautiful land of the resort. Photo by Green bamboo lodge Facebook Page

Green bamboo lodge invites tourists all year round with pleasant weather. Some visitors advised that you should visit the resort between November và May; this is the greatest time of year since it is cool, seldom rains, has beautiful scenery, and is easier for guests lớn participate in outdoor activities. The resort is incredibly spacious, open and proper for BBQ parties, camping, swimming, or fishing, etc. Staying at Green bamboo lodge is a noteworthy experience, which is suitable for retreat and relaxation.