Red River Tour

Red River Tours is located in Duong Dong. For travelers who use our international travel planner, Duong Dong holidays become easier to lớn arrange, with to the Red River Tours and other attractions mapped out and timetabled.

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Sunday8am - 6pm
Monday8am - 6pm
Tuesday8am - 6pm
Wednesday8am - 6pm
Thursday8am - 6pm
Friday8am - 6pm
Saturday8am - 6pm


It's only a tour for photos & to vì things lượt thích jet-skiing, diving, etc.Felt like it was a waste of time - The tour guides (Languages:VN & EN) can't explain anything about the history of the islands, how they were formed - Historical và cultural information about the Islands và Phu Quoc.They also take you lớn islands that are covered with trash & dead corral. It's a bit disappointing lớn see the destruction of the islands & coral reefs.I'd advise to lớn go to lớn PI, Malaysia or SG. If you can, Bahamas or Hawaii.Pros:- They took us lớn Sun World - But we only had 1 hour there, so this may be a con.- The lunch was goodCons:- Take you to islands covered in trash- Not knowledgeable about the islands- Seems lượt thích a scam, they only take you to lớn places that they have relationships with - not necessarily the best places to lớn visit.
Squid Tour- Not what I expected.30 people on the boat và none of us got anything. Stuff cut 2 squid but that was is.This is not the fishing experience I was looking for at that price.Dinner was include but nothing to brag trang chủ about. Most of the food was left in the bowls. Drinks are not included và they cost more than on shore.I wouldn’t recommend this tour, better to lớn spend your time at the night market or doing other activities.We had to lớn pay extra for transportation.

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My partner and I bought this trip from a lady on the beach so didn’t really know what to lớn expect. We picked the trip with Sea World, snorkelling x2, Sun world & the cable car. Our expectations were exceeded massively! Our friendly tour guide King picked us up and took us khổng lồ Sea World where we parasailed và scuba dived (not great visibility but parasailing was fun, at an extra cost). Then we snorkelled (again not great coral or visibility) and ate lunch on a beautiful island. Then at Sunworld we had an hour to lớn explore this amazing water park, definitely the highlight of the trip. You only need a couple hours to vì the whole park anyway. We then took the cable oto back lớn the mainland which was amazing too. Our second tour guide Thanh was so informative and sweet, too.

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I went on a SCUBA trip with Red River. It was combined with a snorkel & fishing trip. We launched off the south of Phu Quoc. It was a really awesome trip! Kien, Lee, Hai, and Jack we're great guides. The scenery was amazing. Lunch was good. Highly recommend!
I took the four islands và cable oto ny tốc độ boat. Best snorkeling ever. Saw tons of fish và pretty reef. I enjoyed the speed boat so much. Friendly and helpful tour guide and crew. Strongly recommend Red River for all kind of tours in Phu Quoc Island.