Ha Tien To Phu Quoc


How lớn travel from/khổng lồ Ha Tien Ferry Port?

Your only option when travelling the 75km distance from Ha Tien to lớn Phu Quoc and vice versa is by ferry. This ferry journey takes around 2 hours và costs $12.50.

Recommended transport option

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Ferry: Phu Quoc Express1.5 hours250,000 VND ($11)Check ferry tickets
Ferry: Superdong1h 15min230,000 VND ($10)Check ferry tickets
Ferry: Ngoc Thanh khô Express1h 15min215,000 VND ($9.50)Read article for info

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My favourite places lớn stay in Phu Quoc

Orchard Fruit Farm Bungalow

What we love sầu most about Orchard Fruit Farm? Their fresh smoothies & the delicious Lemongrass Chili Chicken! You"ll find this quiet & beautiful gem is away from the hectic & noisy tourism. A bicycle rental service is available to lớn get around!

King Room with Garden View from $29

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Phu Quoc Valley Sen Bungalow

This family-run property invites you lớn relax in a quiet và idyllic scenery.

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The comfortable and clean bungalows come with air conditioning và private bathrooms. Notice that the place is a bit off the beaten traông chồng, but they provide không tính phí airport pick-ups, shuttles khổng lồ the main road, & không tính tiền xe đạp rental.

King Room with Garden View from $47

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The Hill Resort

Hill Resort feels just lượt thích trang chủ, but then on an islvà. Enjoy homemade bread và pancakes for breakfast, while the staff goes out of their way lớn make sure you have a great time. The property is a bit far off, but in exchange, you"ll get an experience khổng lồ never forget and will be rewarded with amazing sunsets!