Organic milk farm đà lạt


Vinamilk organic dairy farm is one of the hotkiểm tra tourist destinations in Dalat these days. If you are planning lớn travel Dalat city, you must definitely visit this European standard dairy farm. Vinamilk organic milk farm is the tourist attraction dubbed “little Paris”. Every year this farm attracts thousands of visitors come here to lớn learn about the process of creating dairy products.

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Vinamilk Organic Dairy Farm


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Vinamilk started construction of Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm within 3 years with a total investment costs of more than 200 billion VND. The farm is designed and built based on European standards as well as more than 500 newly imported dairy cows.

Introducing the Vinamilk organic dairy farm

This is the first farm to meet European standards for dairy cattle certified by the Control Union organization of Netherlands. When you come here you will have sầu an opportunity khổng lồ visit the dairy farm. Learn about the process lớn produce organic clean milk. Besides, you can also bởi vì photo shooting to lớn capture the best pictures inside one of the best dairy farms in Asia.


This is the first farm lớn meet European standards – Source: Vinamilk

The place was chosen khổng lồ built the farm because the air here is fresh and the climate is mild all year round. The biggest advantage here is that there are large natural meadows. Very suitable for feeding và grazing dairy cows. This place is considered by veterinarians as the paradise of dairy cows. Dairy cattle are inherently temperate animals. So this place is an ultimate location to raise the dairy cows.

Where is Vinamilk organic milk farm?

There are many tourists who still bởi not know where Vinamilk’s organic dairy farm Dalat is? Then today we will show you where this dairy farm is located. Vinamilk organic Dalat is one of the top tourist destinations located on the outskirts of Dalat city. The dairy farm is located in Tu Tra commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province.


Where is Vinamilk organic milk farm – Source: facebook

Visiting the Vinamilk organic dairy farm Dalat

If visitors have sầu already been lớn Dalat thành phố but forgot to lớn visit Vinamilk organic farm, it’s your big disadvantage. This place is “storming” all the networking sites of Vietnamese travelers. So next time you travel to lớn this đô thị, put this place on the top of your priority danh sách & remember to invite your best pals to come & explore this incredible tourist attraction.


Organic dairy farm Dalat – Source: du-lich-da-lat

What does Vinamilk organic dairy farm Dalat have?

Vinamilk organic dairy farm has a very large area of ​​up lớn 76 hectares. Being put into operation in a closed process. There is very cthất bại supervision of each department & each separate stage. So, with over 500 cows grazing based on the standard organic process, there are only 25 employees needed.


Visiting the organic farm, tourists will be surprised and amazed by the beauty of the farm – Source: Kênh thời tiết

Visiting the organic farm in Dalat, tourists will be surprised và amazed by the beauty of the farm. When get lớn the place, you will admire an impressive paranoma. As well as visiting cow raising model with European standards. See with your own eyes the standard clean milk production process.

Vinamilk organic dairy farm opening hours

The farm is only open khổng lồ visitors every Saturday. Each visit will limit the number of tourists. When coming here to lớn visit. You will be visiting with an extremely reasonable thiết kế tour of the farm. The tour starts from 8:30 am to lớn 11:00 am.


The farm is only open khổng lồ visitors every Saturday – Source: facebook

At first, you will listen lớn the introduction of the farm. After that, you will watch a movie about the farm and other constructions such as: windmill, herbal garden, solar zone.

The milk production process of Vinamilk organic dairy farm

The dairy cows here are raised in an extremely comfortable & large space. The cows can freely go in và out of the pasture because the door system is always open. This farm is also equipped with a cooling system to bring a sense of comfort to the cows here. Tourists who come here are always happy to lớn see the farm và liken it as a 5 star hotel for the lovely cows.

Below are all the processes for producing clean milk. Strictly follow the principle of 3 no.

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There is no amount of antibiotics in cows và milkDo not use growth hormone for dairy cowsDo not use pesticides in feed of dairy cows

Before the staffs milk the cows. They will clean the cows and disinfect. After that, the cows will be put into lớn the automatic closed extractor system. Select the most delicious & fresh milk. Next, the milk will be stored at a temperature of 4 to lớn 6 degrees.

The notes when visiting Vinamilk organic dairy farm

Here are some notes travelers should remember before visit the farm. Hopefully these information will be useful for you.

Register khổng lồ visit vinamilk dairy farm

The dairy farm is only open to lớn visitors every Saturday. There is no ticket service. When you come here to lớn visit, first you need khổng lồ sign up to lớn visit the dairy farm.

According to the experience of Hoa Dalat Travel. If you want lớn come here lớn visit, you must plan your trip 2 months in advance. Reservations are required for the number of visitors per week. Limited lớn 50 visitors per week. Usually it is full, so you need to lớn book in advance.

The top criterion of organic dairy farm Dalat

Apply high-tech measures to lớn regularly rotate nutritious crops & food for cows, rational use of l& resources. Utilize most of the available resources. Like using organic fertilizers from dairy cows. To produce clean fresh feeds for cows.

Bringing environmental protection to lớn the forefront by using the biogas system. Solar energy aims to reduce the greenhouse effect. The waste here will be strictly treated khổng lồ protect the environment and vị not pollute the atmosphere.

Address of Vinamilk organic dairy farm

Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm is located in Lac Duong village, Tu Tra commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province. This is a famous tourist destination located in the outskirts of Dalat đô thị. The farm is located on a vast land of abundance, favored by nature so the cows are here to grow very well.

Google maps of Vinamilk organic dairy farm Dalat

Below is a maps of Vinamilk organic dairy farm. You can see the provided image below. Choose for yourself a suitable starting location khổng lồ easily find the way the the organic farm.

Directions lớn Vinamilk organic milk farm Dalat

If you depart from the center of Dalat đô thị. You follow Highway 20 in the direction of Prenn Waterfall. Just follow the highway until you reach the Phi Nom crossroad. Then you keep driving about 3 km more. Looking to the left, you will see Bong Lai Cultural Gate. Then turn in there và keep going until you see the sign of organic dairy farm vinamilk.

Vinamilk organic dairy farm Dalat review

Here are the Reviews of travelers who have visited the dairy farm. You can refer to lớn the reviews image below. Or you can refer khổng lồ other review on google.

Tourist attractions near the Vinamilk organic dairy farm Dalat

In addition to lớn the organic dairy farm Dalat. Tourists can visit other tourist destinations. Here we have some suggestions for travelers who want lớn travel more after visit the organic farm.

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Story Love sầu film studioPrenn waterfallField of sunflowersDalat trắng cabbage fields

Images of Vinamilk organic dairy farm Dalat

Here are some pictures of Vinamilk organic dairy farm taken by visitors:


Organic milk farm Dalat – Source: facebook


Organic milk farm – Source: facebook


Vinamilk dairy farm – Source: facebook

Tour Vinamilk organic dairy farm

If visitors love the Vinamilk organic milk farm Dalat. Tourists can choose tours designed by Hoa Dalat Travel. To book tours, please tương tác Hotline 02633 981 968 for the most detailed advice. If you book a tour for big group, you will receive sầu some incentives from our company.

Thank you for your interest in our article about Vinamilk Organic Dairy Farm. Finally, our company would lượt thích to lớn wish you the most interesting & joyful trip lớn Dalat the flower city!