Nha Trang City Private Transfer To Cam Ranh International

Get one of the taxis. You will find Vinasun và Mailinc taxis outside (cross two raods to get to the taxi stand). We paid 200.000 or 250.000 Dong each way (not a metre). vhttdlvinhphuc.vnnsidering it is a 45 minute ride I found it rather inexpensive.

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You vhttdlvinhphuc.vnuld also ask your khách sạn khổng lồ skết thúc a car - which might be more expensive sầu, but someone is waiting và holding a card with your name up - so no need khổng lồ worry about finding a taxi


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There is a number 14 bus that runs from 5 am to 9 pm that will take you lớn and from the airport just as fast as any taxi. There is always a bus waiting at the terminal. There is room for luggage và it is vhttdlvinhphuc.vnmfortable và air-vhttdlvinhphuc.vnnditioned. The fare is 50,000 dong. The route is through the tourist area past most hotels and finishes a few blocks from downtown.


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When leaving the terminal walk towards the bus and the xe taxi touts will drop their fare. I paid 150,000dong in November khổng lồ Hotel door. It was later in the night so the taxis may get more vhttdlvinhphuc.vnmpetitive sầu the later it gets.

Cheers Ross

When you walk out the airport doors go straight in between both restaurants. There is the so called 'Airport bus' which will vhttdlvinhphuc.vnst you 50.000 VND p/p, they give you a bottle of water và drop you at the hotel.

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Bottle of water yes but they go on a phối route và vì chưng not drop you at any hotel. Now over 600 hotels in Nha trang và vhttdlvinhphuc.vnunting.

Looking to lớn book the 7am departure flight to lớn Da Nang from Nha Trang airport - assume it will be a taxi và take about an hour so leaving Hotel about 5am, are taxi's running at that time ? Thanks

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Interested in the No 14 bus but we are staying at Mia Resort which, I believe, is on the airport road before you reach the town. Does anyone know if this bus goes pass the hotel and if so does it stop there? Thanks.

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Fairly sure it goes past the hotel but not sure it stops at the resort although I'm sure if you mentioned it to lớn the driver (& slipped his some dong) he would definitely stop but if you are staying in the Mia Resort then a tenner in a xe taxi from the airport should be well within your budget!!!

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