Doa Sen Vang Vegan Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City



In the midst of Saigon, the city is filled with worries, hustle and bustle, và everyone wants to lớn feel every moment of lightness, gentleness of nature, softness of melodious music in daily meals. . It is a factor that helps people eat well và relax after stressful working hours. The Golden Lotus always directs the meditation in the main way of arranging space và choosing the main color.

Đóa Sen Vàng hidden in the lvà of Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minc City, the road to the restaurant has something familiar as the old way home. Welcoming with kindness, speech, open, enthusiasm. Some special in Đóa Sen Vàng Restaurant : Serve sầu vegan dishes. Thương Mại & Dịch Vụ F & B. Wedding organization, conference ... See More

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Restaurant Space

With a capađô thị of over 150 guests, luxurious wooden furniture, plus a harmonious combination of brown và green tone, the Golden Lotus space becomes delicate.


Business hours : 8h – 22h Preparation time : 3 – 4 phút Holiday: serving holidays during the year Culinary Style: Vegetarian Vegan Suitable for: meeting partners, friends, family, birthdays .. Has a cool outdoor desk
Wifi available Air conditioning Free parking Parking available Priority dear guests There is a red invoice There is an outdoor smoking area


Culinary Style

From the familiar tofu ingredients with creativity và ingenuity, the Golden Lotus has transformed tofu into a variety of delicious dishes that are equally nutritious. One of them is a vegetarian tofu dish - a dish with a pretty và evocative sầu name. Not only that, this dish is a combination of many different ingredients lớn create a very personal taste. The favorite part of this dish is that the pieces of tofu have been transformed inlớn beautiful little "sack", which has created the attraction not only with your baby but also the older family members. I also feel very excited. The vegetarian hot pot dishes still delicious thanks to lớn the vegetables và roots for water. Food is frugal but not bored by the full range of mushrooms. Attaching the hairstyle is a good, beautiful color that is good for health, especially good for those who intover lớn đại bại weight. The difference of the Golden Lotus Restaurant does not stop there but it is reflected in the mind of the chef in each new dish, ensuring the perfection of taste, presentation and nutrition.. See More >>
WITH CUSTOMERS Through vegetarian dishes, we want to lớn direct customers khổng lồ the pure, from the serving way lớn the meticulous care of raw materials in each pure vegetarian.
WITH EMPLOYEES We think "Employee is a factor in the family". Therefore, Golden Lotus always create conditions to lớn open knowledge, skills & working environment lớn help the NV aware of responsibility, harmony as a family.

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WITH PARTNER The Restaurant put the top TIN, responsibility in work, solid & connect khổng lồ develop together. Always create, learn and collaborate equal rights and responsibilities.

Entering the Đóa Sen Vàng Restaurant Family

Đ óa Sen vàng Restaurant Always welcome you: There is a passion for food. Has the ability và responsibility in the work. Be open, have sầu fun in the service. Desire và ambition towards good. Please feel miễn phí to apply for us! View All Recruiting Jobs>>
Hỗ Trợ 24/7

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