Top 9 most luxurious cruises in halong bay


Welcome to lớn Halong Bay! Here you can enjoy awesome evergreen karsts, fishing villages, pearl farm stations, rocks, và hills rising up out of the sea. Fishermen take boats to và from fishing villages daily, working within the impressive sights of limestone karsts và crystallized underwater caves.

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It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its unique rock formations, beautiful floral arrangements, và diverse wildlife are woven together between the xanh sky, sunshine, và crystal clear sea of the bay. Spread across a vast stretch of water, Halong cất cánh has so much khổng lồ see.

Villagers around the bay will tell stories. One legend is of dragons who once built và defended the place. Some will handcraft delicate goods for you. Others will take you on a personalized water trek. Others may cook you lunch at their home. All can be experienced here.

So, how can we see it? Well, the fishing boats are too small for you & the catch! It’s a bit dangerous to lớn take your own boat, và you need a license. No worries, we’ll show you a few cruises perfect for your time in Halong Bay!

We’ll look at the best Halong cất cánh Cruises. All Halong bay cruises allow you lớn indulge in luxury while discovering new lands. Each Halong cất cánh Cruise has its own features, with benefits and each provides a distinct Halong cất cánh itinerary.

6 Best Luxury Ha Long cất cánh Cruises

There is a luxury Halong cất cánh Cruise for everyone.

The route of the cruises in Halong bay can be through other beautiful bays as well, like Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, or some islands lượt thích Cat cha island and Titop island, plus some of the best caves lượt thích Sung Sot cave, Thien Cung cave và the dark and light cave.

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Let us help you choose the best Halong bay cruise!


We’ve looked at 7 of the best Halong cất cánh Cruises in 2022. There are plenty of rooms available on these cruise liners. All are endowed with luxury and the finest service available. Most also offer a transfer to & from Hanoi – check with your sales representative for these opportunities!

All offer fine dining lớn cater to different tastes. All have a sun deck lớn see the spectacular naturally formed sights. Most have an outdoor jacuzzi or pool. Each room & cruise gives its own impression of Halong Bay. The rooms have incredible treats khổng lồ enjoy while cruising, such as robes, slippers, và a mini-bar.

Carefully Researched Itinerary and routes


Beautiful luxury cruises in Halong cất cánh
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Personal preferences

Some lượt thích a night cruise. Some just want their rooms to lớn be comfortable and to get a few photos. Some tourists want luxurious rooms & an outdoor jacuzzi, whereas others just want to see as much of Halong cất cánh as possible.

Whether it’s Emperor chất lượng rooms, or an itinerary lớn boost your photo collection, all tours offer something to lớn suit your needs. We can recommend cruises to lớn suit certain groups. Unfortunately, we can’t make an itinerary for you.


Halong Hub can help you discover the world’s most magnificent bay with tons of information, from things lớn do, where to lớn stay khổng lồ the best beaches.

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To make your cruise even more relaxing, almost all cruises offer transport to và from Hanoi (Explore airport options).

To not get overloaded, liên hệ us so that we, the experts, can guide you directly ourselves. Let’s cruise Halong cất cánh in style & start planning a trip lớn remember!