‘Ma Rung Lu Quan’ (the inn for ghosts in the forest) is considered to be a tourist attraction attracting a large number of visitors. It has the beauty given by the nature with colorful vegetation and majestic mountains. All these things will undoubtedly e
Situated on Lam Vien plateau in Tay Nguyen, Dalat đô thị is surrounded by green pine forests & its natural scenery. People travel to Dalat for 4 days and 3 nights or even more because this is an igiảm giá khuyến mãi place for them khổng lồ be closer khổng lồ the nature, enjoy peaceful moments & forget the noise và dust in the đô thị.

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Recently, there is a new, quality, & mysterious destination named ‘Ma Rung Lu Quan’ appeared in Dalat. It has not only a strange name – ‘Ma Rung Lu Quan’ but also the mystery with its location - the inn is quite isolated and located about 22km away from the city center.
If you want to go to ‘Ma Rung’, you have sầu khổng lồ go along the road lớn Tung Lam following the direction khổng lồ Golden Valley, then turn left at the crossroads in Suoi Vang tourist area and you will see the signpost khổng lồ ‘Ma Rung Inn’. From this point, visitor should go about 7km to meet a rocky road và then move sầu by motorxe đạp about 2km further to enjoy the feeling of crossing the forest before setting foot in the land of ‘Ma Rung Inn’.
It would be very amazed when you arrived here. You will be lost in the fairy world with its wild và subtle beauty. Welcoming visitors at the entrance is a large statue of Di Lặc Buddha. On going inside, you will find a large bungalow decorated distinctively with elaborately polished wooden furnitures which only appear here in ‘Ma Rung’.

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Behind the bungalow is a shallow stream with pure water. After a long drive, you can sit on the shore và put your feet inlớn cool water, listen to lớn the birds twitting on the trees và let your soul immerse with nature. You can also sit here gossiping with your family và friends.
On going along the stream, you will see a bridge crossing over the stream which leads you lớn a small purple house standing out in this quiet forest.

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Moreover, you can choose a corner in the other side of Ma Rung’s bridge - a warm and cozy campfire area to take some photos & have sầu unforgettable memories with this thắm thiết area. When the sun is setting down, it is time for fully enjoying the atmosphere and special features of the campfire at Ma Rung.