Long phú nha trang

Very nice place for booking tour and travelling, should try once. The service is good though, you can go anywhere you like.

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Long Phu tourist manages the Monkey isl& & Hoa Lan islvà (aka Orchid stream island) where everything operates around animals. But animals are being abused in all sort of activities from photographs with animals, feeding, circus & ostrich rides. You will be hauled by the sad eyes of animals và skinny shape. Worth skipping.…

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I was in Nha Trang with my two daughters (21 & 7) and my 1 year old grand-daughter. We decided khổng lồ vày a boat tour and picked up this leaflet as it was in our guest house and they recommended it. They must earn a commission! Firstly let me just say that we saw tours in the little tour offices all around the town for half the price but went with this one because the brochure says there is scucha diving. The brochure does advertise other watersports but there is an * beside them stating they are not included in the price. We were collected late from our guest house as the driver couldn't find it, he waited for the guest house to Gọi hyên, 20 minutes after our allocated piông chồng up time lớn say where he was & we had to lớn walk lớn the car. We were then transported lớn another large bus for the journey khổng lồ the doông xã. We were told to get on a boat, thankfully we got seats but another family didn't and had lớn stand the whole way! Orchid Island is very beautiful but the animals are chained and the elephants are made khổng lồ carry people. We knew this from the brochure and chose not to take part in any of that side of it as we don't agree with it. Then came lunch, we were asked on the bus if there were any vegetarians; I explained my daughters aren't vegetarians but are both allergic lớn seafood. We were put on the vegetarian table. I pointed out that I am not allergic khổng lồ seafood & would like some và they told me to lớn go join another table then. I said I wanted khổng lồ sit with my family & basically received a shrug of the shoulders. Monkey Island was beautiful but the monkeys were aggressive sầu & my daughters felt unable to make the walk as my elder daughter was hit và chased by a large male. In the brochure for the tour, it states 'join scubố diving' when I asked after this I was told there was a surcharge of 400,000/VND this was not stated in the publicity. I have included a phokhổng lồ of the brochure. Upon returning we reached the pier và were given a ten minute toilet break but after only three we were being screamed at to lớn join the bus. We then couldn't find the bus as there were approximately eight buses & lots of people from each different tour were trying lớn find the right one. All in all an absolute waste of money. Do not use this company, go to lớn one of the tour offices và choose a different one for half the price.…