Visit lao chai ta van village in sapaâ


Like Y Linh Ho Village, Lao Chai – Ta Van Village is one of the most attractive destinations in Sapa. With its extremely wild beauty, Lao Chai Village can conquer any tourist. Lao Chai – Ta Van Village is lượt thích a “poetic inspiration” of the northwest mountains to fall in love at once. 

1. General Information

Depending on the paths, Lao Chai – Ta Van Village is 7km – 11km from Sapa Town. Lao Chai – Ta Van Villages are 2 large villages in Sapa Town, which are the inhabitation of H’mong, Dao Do, Giay communities. These villages belong khổng lồ Muong Hoa valley – the largest valley in Sapa lying along with the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Until now, Lao Chai – Ta Van Village still retains the unspoiled beauty và wild features of the highlands. 

Staying in Sapa for a while & then going to Lao Chai – Ta Van Village, you will admire its peace và romance. You will also be overwhelmed by the natural scenery with beautiful terrace fields across the hillsides, the streams & the calling of forest birds. 

2. What makes Lao Chai – Ta Van Village attractive

2.1. The beauty of terraced fields

Terraced fields make a chất lượng beauty of Lao Cai – Ta Van Village và also Sapa – Source: Internet

You will fall in love at the first time seeing the terraced fields, especially in the period from April khổng lồ September – the whole fields are painted in golden color. These fields have been for decades. From generations, H’mong và Dao people still grow rice on these ancient terraced fields as a habit & custom. The poetic beauty of the large terraced fields is the inspiration for commemorative photos.

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2.2. Join the local festivals

If you are in the period of local festivals, you will have a chance to lớn watch the extremely chất lượng dance performance of ethnic monitories. The indigenous music is also interesting lớn explore & some tourists have fallen in love with its specialty.

At night, locals gather around a large campfire in the center of the village, sing & dance to lớn get off after a tiring day of work.

2.3. Enjoy special foods

The traditional food has been mentioned such as the buffalo meat upstairs kitchen, the rolls with guise leaves, corn wine, táo apple cider and especially red plums wine, etc…Through such simple meals, you can gradually feel the familiarity and attachment with the local people here.

2.4. Live like a local

Do you wan tto live lượt thích the locals? – Source: Internet

Staying in homestays, you can discover the ethnic life, the ancient and unique cultural features – that is the reason why staying in homestays is recommended. Many homestays are created lớn help tourists get more chances khổng lồ experience the local’s “authentic life”.

Most of the homestays are made of wood, very rustic and simple, built along the slope of the rice fields, surrounded by majestic mountains. When waking up in the morning, looking at the natural scenery, you can easily enjoy the beauty of the village and the murmuring stream.

2.5. Visit the oldest village 

Lao Chai – Ta Van Village is separated into small villages including the oldest village – the village of Giay people. The village is located in the territory of Hoang Lien National Park and is home to the Giay ethnic community. There, you will admire the most pristine beauty with peaceful villages covered by almost all the green trees.

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3. Somethings you should know 

A few years ago, lớn visit Ta Van village, you didn’t need khổng lồ buy tickets. The entrance gate is also not strictly controlled. But now, you have to pay money at Lao Chai – Ta Van Village and most of the tourist attractions in Sapa. The government wants to lớn promote and tư vấn the lives of ethnic communities in Sap. The money is used lớn repair the road down khổng lồ the village.

4. Some recommended places near Lao Chai – Ta Van Village

4.1. Rattan Bridge (Cau May)

Rattan Bridge – Source: Internet

Rattan Bridge is a feature structure built mainly of bamboo and rattan – May trees (the thin pliable stems of a palm, used khổng lồ make furniture). Locals hotline this bridge Cau May because it is made of all forms of natural materials. 

The Rattan Bridge lies across the Muong Hoa stream & 17 km away from Sapa City, located in the South-east of Sapa

4.2. Bac Ha Market

Bac ha Market is one of the best ethnic markets in all of Southeast Asia. We are so proud lớn say that. The market is held every Sunday in the center of Bac Ha town. On this special day, the ethnic minorities from the surrounding villages và hills come to lớn socialize, eat, drink, smoke, get a haircut and buy produce & meat for the next week. They come on foot, by motor scooter, by horse, & maybe by water buffalo. It’s a very unique market scene that only Bac Ha Market can give you. 

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4.3. Mèo Cat Village

Cat mèo Village

Cat cát village is a village of the H’Mong community, located right at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range and Fansipan peak – Where ethnic minority culture is associated with unspoiled nature, this is an appropriate address for tourists. 

It is about 2km from the center of Sapa town, you can walk or go by motorbike. On the road, there are some small houses built on the side of the mountain. These houses are built based on the ancient architectural style of the local people such as: three compartments, roofed with “Pơmu” wood, each column of the houses is placed on a square stone slab. Each house has 3 doors: the main door in the middle, 1 side door in front of & 1 door behind.

4.4. Thac Bac Waterfall

Thac Bac Waterfall is one of the most attractive destinations in Sapa. Especially in the summer, people come to the waterfall to get fresh air và watch the majesty of the waterfall.

4.5. Si mê Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is one of the famous destinations for tourists when traveling lớn Sapa. The mountain is located right in the center of Sapa town. Nowadays, mê say Rong Mountain is zoned as yêu thích Rong tourist area with an area of nearly 150 ha, including many beautiful sceneries such as: Orchid Garden, Heaven Gate, Cloud Garden, Dao Garden….

4.6. Sun World Fansipan Legend

Fansipan Legend is one of the highest peaks in Vietnam. Many travelers want to lớn conquer this Indochina roof. Now you have an easier way to conquer Fansipan peak if you don’t want to climb the mountain: take the cable.

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4.7. Sapa Church

Stone church in Sapa – Source: Internet

Sapa Church is a catholic church with a stone belltower. The church is located in the center of Sapa town, considered the most attractive place. The church is so old and ancient because it was built in the 20th century by the French. It is also known as the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and is a cultural house for ethnic minority communities in Sapa. 

4.8. Sin Chai Village

Like Lao Chai – Ta Van Village, Sin Chai Village still retains the unspoiled beauty. This village, nearby, has become a new destination for tourists in Sapa. 

About 5 km from Sapa town, very close to cat Cat village, tourist services have not yet developed much in Sin Chai village, so this place still retains the wild và mysterious scenery.