Khách sạn nhật anh cát bà

số 24 tổ dân phố 15 thị trấn Cát Bà- Huyện Cát Hải - Hải Phòng Đất Cảng, Cat Ba, Vietphái nam View on maps (735 m from centre)





Hotel Khách sạn Nhật Anh 2 is situated on số 24 tổ dân phố 15 thị xã Cát Bà- Huyện Cát Hải - Hải Phòng Đất Cảng in Cat Ba only in 735 m from the centre.

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Khách sạn Nhật Anh 2 mô tả tìm kiếm of services & features

The rooms are for non-smoking people only. You are able khổng lồ use the Internet. The khách sạn offers its own restaurant on-site. A shuttle for the guests is organized at an additional cost (on demand). The territory is well-attended và green. Getting a rental bicycle is a wonderful opportunity to spover time actively và with benefits for your toàn thân. There is a parking lot provided for those who travel by car. Guests can order the delivery of food và drinks right inkhổng lồ their rooms. There is a 24/7 front desk where the polite staff will be delighted to help you with any inquiries regarding your accommodation. Pay attention that you can pay for the accommodation & amenities only in cash.

Staff talks in Vietnamese, English.

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A few words about rooms

For tourists, accommodation are offered 4 rooms in the khách sạn. You can easily choose between different types of rooms: quadruple, single, family. Lodgers at the khách sạn have sầu facilities such as minibar, safety deposit box, telephone, air conditioning, hairdryer, refrigerator, desk.

There is soundproofing. There is offered the hypoallergenic room in our quadruple. Accommodation has a lot of rooms with city look, garden view, mountain view, sea view, view on the lake và. For guests is provided special facilities: patio, fireplace.

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Online Khách sạn Nhật Anh 2 booking

Looking for a suitable accommodation option? Use our trang web và book Hotel Khách sạn Nhật Anh 2. While choosing the dates of the planned trip, nhận xét the available variants and cliông chồng "Reserve". In just a few minutes, you will receive sầu a confirmation letter on your e-mail.