Khách Sạn Grand Sunrise 1 Đà Nẵng

Grand Sunrise Boutique khách sạn belongs to the Grand Sunrise Hospitality. Located at 04 Le Lo (Vietnamese: Lê Lộ) street, Ngu hanh Son District Danang, in An Thuong area – a popular neighborhood for tourists và expats.

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Western food, Vietnamese style The concept of Paradise restaurant is lớn create fusion dishes between international & Vietnamese dishes. A fresh, sophisticated thực đơn with a twist has been designed by the restaurant…

Chiling Bar offers an intimate spot for guests to lớn enjoy a creative sunset thực đơn or fine dining cuisine. Serving exotic cocktails và snacks in an enchanting setting, this bar is the place lớn be.

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Elegant và intimate, CALAMBORA coffe is an ideal spot for small business meetings or personal gatherings. With a good coffee và tea selection, & mouth-watering desserts pair seamlessly with an atmosphere of…

Our modern spa creates an extremely relaxing & isolated space from the outside world; relax the mind, refresh the body toàn thân and revive the soul.

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Providing modern treatment facilities, alongside a sauna và a jacuzzi, Sun spa is a perfect haven offering numerous luxurious spa experiences. Our spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp center is available khổng lồ promote relaxation & detoxification by professional therapists.

Sun spa làm đẹp – 1st Floor

Located at the 1st floor of the hotel,…

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Let"s explore the great tourist destination for everyone who wants lớn come once in their life. Danang is the largest tourist development đô thị in Vietnam with many tourist sites such as tía Na Hill, Ngu khô cứng Son, nhì Van Pass, Asia Park, Love Bridge, Fine Beach, , Peninsula tea ... With convenient transportation, the capital is not too expensive, people are dedicated guide for tourists. Domain authority Nang is the best destination in Vietnam today.