Khách Sạn Golden Silk Boutique


Rising over the heart of Hanoi"s central old quarter & famous Silk Road, with a 3-minute walk lớn HoanKiem Lake, Water Puppet Theatre, St Josephs Cathedral, Night Market, Hanoi Post Office, Trang Tien Plaza shopping center etc.. The luxury & impressive designed Golden Silk Boutique Hotel features stunning views và gracious style – a remarkable luxury experience, even by Western standards with graceful Asian style. Especially, the front view rooms of the hotel with balconies, captivating vistas of Hanoi’s old quarter.

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Located on the 10th floor of Golden Silk Hanoi Hotel, these one-of-a-kind signature suite offer spectacular views of the đô thị from floor-to-ceiling cất cánh windows và furnished balconies. The suite occupies một nửa of the 10th floor & a total build-in area of 102.56 m².

Living và working areas in the Luxury Suites are combined with the sleeping area. The terrace suites provide magnificent views of Hang gai Street & the Old Quarter.Technology features a plasma television plus high-speed mạng internet access. The full marble bathroom has a deep soaking tub with shower and complete bathroom toiletries & amenities

These suites offer an open, studio-style design with combined living and sleeping areas. Floor-to-ceiling windows & a balcony overlooking the Silk Street và also features a private area with terraceTechnology features a plasma television plus high-speed internet access. The large marble bathroom includes a deep soaking tub with shower và complete bathroom toiletries và amenities

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Enjoy impressive views of the city through the large windows of these back view rooms from 6th khổng lồ 10th floors. They feature a combined sitting area with armchair & a marble-top style desk. The marble bathroom features a glass enclosed deep soaking tub with shower & complete bathroom toiletries và amenities

Located on the 3nd to lớn the 10th floors of Golden Silk Boutique khách sạn Hanoi - one of best Hanoi hotels, our Deluxe Rooms offer an elegant sleeping area. The full marble bathroom includes a deep soaking tub with shower, with complete bathroom toiletries & amenities
Although many hotels in Hanoi are helpful and trustworthy but there are still some scams artists around. By connecting with taxi/bus drivers lớn lure tourist khổng lồ their hotel to change money.

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