If you have read my other posts on things to bởi vì in Ho bỏ ra Minh city or if you planning an itinerary khổng lồ Vietnam, I think you know how much I emphasise on visiting the Mekong Delta. The biggest question often arises on How khổng lồ visit the Mekong Delta. This area isn’t inside the city, nor it is well connected. Additionally, people are not even sure what exactly so see. Consider this is a guide for everything you need lớn know for your trip to lớn Mekong Delta.

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We booked a tour in a large group that consisted of the following:

1. Vinh Trang pagoda

2. Reach My Tho

3. Boat ride along the Tien River

4. Proceed lớn Tortoise islet for lunch

5. Boat ride to An Khanh in Ben Tre

6. Enjoy seasonal fruits & honey tea

7. Visit a sample coconut candy family business

If you choose a small group for the tour, it includes a bicycle ride in a nearby village in well. Make sure you vì it in time, the seats fill up fast.

Book one day tour Online: Full Day Excursion to lớn Mekong Delta

A major attraction of the Mekong delta is the floating market. & if you haven’t seen one before, you shouldn’t miss the chance. But you will need an extra day besides the above activity lớn see the market. In that case, choose lớn take a multiple-day tour which includes lodging in local villages. A 3-day trip will take you from Mekong Delta all the way lớn Phnom Penh và drop you off there.

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Book Floating Market tour: 2D1N Mekong Delta with Floating Market Guided Tour

Book 3D2N tour of Mekong Delta lớn Phom Penh: 3D2N Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố to Phnom Penh via Mekong Delta Guided Tour

Vinh Trang Pagoda is a more recent holy place compared khổng lồ other south-east Asian temples. Built in a fusion style of traditional Vietnamese, Chinese & European, the pagoda is very unique. But the three colossal statues of Buddha capture most of the eyes.

The three Buddha are that of Amitava Buddha who symbolizes bliss & compassion, the laughing Buddha depicting happiness and Good luck and the reclining Buddha, Buddha during his last illness before he attained final nirvana. These are built around the complex in white màu sắc and evidently large sizes. Bonsai trees decorate the pavements that go around the temple complex.

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The inside of the temples is carved in dark-colored wood with many local and Chinese deities. The intricacies of the designs capture animals from the jungle as well as the mysterious dragon from Chinese mythology. The atmosphere inside the pagoda is serene và fills the nostrils with incense và ears with the falling sound of water from an oriental fountain.