House Of The Dead 4


Fight Bachồng Against The Zombies In Sega’s Shooting ExtravaganzaInstalled Dimensions (Deluxe): H: 89″, W: 60″, D: 76″ Weight: 955 lbs.Electrical: 110V
6ACondition: Certified Pre-Owned (USED)Manufacturer: Sega Amusements



Sega has created many legacies through their history & The House of the Dead series is one of their best-known. In House of the Dead 4, you face off against the largest zombie hordes in the franchise’s history, armed with an automatic gun to lớn help manage the challenge.

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House of the Dead 4 is a story that takes place between the 2nd & 3rd games. As AMS agent James Taylor và Kate Green are caught in the middle of a new zombie apocalypse that was started by the evil Goldman, you try & put a stop to lớn the horror and the destruction that was caused by Goldman’s experiments.

House of the Dead 4 features red uzi-style hand machine guns. This allows the player to take out larger groups of fast-moving zombies. That said, the player is still judged on accuracy so be careful not khổng lồ ‘spray-n-pray’ if you hope khổng lồ get a high score. The gun also features a grenade button khổng lồ help clear out groups a little faster & you simply have to shake the gun khổng lồ reload. There are also instances where you have to shake the zombies off by shaking your gun.

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With that và memorable trùm battles, House of the Dead 4 is still a great game to have on the arcade game floor.

This entry is for the Deluxe cộ mã sản phẩm, which shipped with a 52″ HD DLP monitor. Sega also produced the game in a Super Deluxe cộ format (62″ HD screen) & a 29″ standard CRT unit.

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Sega’s House Of The Dead 4 Features:

– 4th entry into lớn Sega’s popular zombie shooting series

– 1st game lớn be powered by Sega’s Lindbergh hardware

– For 1-2 players; each has an uzi that can be held with one hand; grenade button on the left side of the controller and senses when the user shakes it khổng lồ reload

– The sleek 3D graphics look great on the 52″ HD DLP monitor; 1080i resolution
60 fps

– Booming sound system captures the terror of the hordes

– Each stage ends with a rating, judging the player on skill such as headshots and accuracy

– Choose multiple paths over six levels (typical start khổng lồ finish time is about 25 minutes)

– Multiple secrets lớn uncover và four different endings lớn play for

– Operator adjustments include violence settings(mild or extreme)

– Sega’s House The Dead 4 is no longer produced, having been released in 2005. Please call us about availability. All used models pass through PrimeTime Amusement’s “Certified Pre-Owned” program, which guarantees that the game will be completely refurbished & ready to lớn operate upon arrival.

Cheông chồng out House of the Dead 4 in action:

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