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Looking khổng lồ boost your productivity at home? Challenger, Singapore’s only homegrown electronics chain, has launched Hachi.Tech, where Challenger ValueClub members can get exclusive sầu giao dịch and rebates on over 50,000 of the lachạy thử IT gadgets and lifestyle products, delivered right to lớn your doorstep!

What’s more, you can also offmix Hađưa ra.Tech purchases with your vhttdlvinhphuc.vn Points/POSB Daily$ – making that upgrade that much lighter on your wallet.

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Don’t have a Challenger ValueClub membership?

Find out how you can sign up here.

Explore more deals & redeem your vhttdlvinhphuc.vn Points/POSB Daily$ instantly on vhttdlvinhphuc.vn PayLah!


Not on PayLah! yet? Get S$5 when you tải về today!

Simply register with promo code ‘FIVELAH’ from now till 31 March 2021. For full terms & conditions, click here.


Find out more about vhttdlvinhphuc.vn PayLah! here.

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Monies in vhttdlvinhphuc.vn PayLah!are a deposit. SGD deposits are insured up lớn S$75k by SDIC.

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