Hoa Hồng Trắng Hội An

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Firstly, as far as Vietphái nam pricing goes, this place is pricey. It's obviously quite reliant on its bloggers/influencers and so on and I imagine used lớn be nice - they sound nice! The reality is unfortunately there are much better food places in Vietphái nam, Hoi...An và even on this street than White Rose. The dumplings were chewy & didn't taste or look particularly fresh, service was slow despite there being around 30 people sat around at the baông chồng of the restaurant. It's just below average to lớn be honest, not really worth itMore


Came here after reading about White rose dumplings online. Was not disappointed! If you lượt thích shrimp it is a must bởi. Massive sầu portion for a cheap price.


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Unpretentious restsurant that has quiông chồng and efficient service và only two items on the thực đơn - Delicious steamed dumplings và fried wontons. Apparently this is their speciality & they supply Trắng rose dumplings khổng lồ other restsurants.

There’s nothing special about this place. The food is below average. We only came here because our khách sạn said it was a local place but we may have been lied khổng lồ. The price is high and the dumplings were not as fresh as expected. The...fried wontons/ pizza namang lại is not worth trying at all, was this dish created just for foreigners? Don’t waste your time here. Saw several bloggers raving about this place, but obviously those bloggers were not real foodies.More

We went here as part of a bicycle food tour with Local Buddy Tours. We have sầu had White Roses before but it was good lớn go khổng lồ the actual restaurant that makes them. We wouldn't come here for dinner but it is good for a...quichồng visit.More

Friendly café with absolutely amazing “white rose” dumplings - a hoi an speciality. Really yummy và affordable và it’s fun lớn see everything be so carefully made right at the back !

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Don’t waste your time. The thực đơn only has two items. Dumplings barely have sầu any content. Pea sized shrimp bits with some deep fried garlic. The pizza taco was difficult lớn eat & burned my fingers.

This is one of the most famous places wherein they have just 2 things in the thực đơn. Best Shrimp dumplings in town. Suggested by a local lady.