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“The staff were very sweet, helpful và efficient, the location is beautiful - beach, swimming pools, gardens... The room is elegant, clean and good sized. Coming baông xã yet again.”


Lisa Vietnam

“Overall it is a great place lớn stay in Ho Tram. Couple, friends or families, it suits anyone kind. Facilities are great, very convenient, kid friendly, good food và breakfast. A place where you dont need anything else”

United Kingdom

“Great Phsinh hoạt Gà & breakfast options - nice attentive staff - peaceful surroundings. Stayed with my wife and son, we live sầu in Saigon and it’s a great place to lớn go for a few days out of the thành phố. Will be baông chồng for sure.”


Robert Vietnam

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Hai Vietnam

“The resort with the ancient Vietnamese architecture, mingle with ancient space, nature, Vietnamese culture, bring me a very lãng mạn and relaxing space. The resort staff is very enthusiastic và amiable”



“The best thing was all the trees in the resort và right down lớn the peace. So peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Made for an incredibly relaxing stay. Great for kids too.”


“Very nice resort that let you feel lượt thích being connected to lớn nature. I will definitely go there again.”

“It is not typical resort on the beach. Many many trees and kích cỡ of the property and a lot of greens makes you feel cthua trận to lớn nature và you dont feel that saigon is so cchiến bại. An breakfast buffet was very very good!! ”

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