Full Day Ho Chi Minh City Tour With Local Guide


On this guided tour you’ll experience Vietnam’s rich tapestry of history, culture, và lifestyles with a local guide. We’ll venture khổng lồ ‘every corner’ of Ho bỏ ra Minh City, soaking up the city’s iconic French colonial architecture and its bustling local markets.

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1 person $1592 people $95 per person3 people $79 per person4 people $70 per person5 people $65 per person6-8 people $60 per person9+ people $55 per person

Please note – Children up lớn 3 years old are không lấy phí of charge, while children 3-11 years old will be required khổng lồ pay 75% of the adult rate. Please see our FAQs page for further pricing details.

Tour is recommended lớn start at 8:00 am, finish around 5:00 pm. However, this is a private tour so we can be flexible to meet your interests.

We will collect và return you to lớn any khách sạn located within Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

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If you are staying out of the đô thị we can collect you for an extra charge depending on the distance. Please get in cảm ứng for prices.

Please be sensitive lớn the local customs & ensure you dress respectfully

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Loose, free-flowing clothing is preferred given we will be visiting local communities. Knees and shoulders should be covered at all times.

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Let’s go!

We start our great day by heading for a beautiful stroll through the pretty Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, the biggest in Ho đưa ra Minh City! You’ll get lớn view the daily life of the city’s local traders as you are dazzled by the scents and a kaleidoscope of colours while we navigate through the narrow winding streets of the market before we explore the Saigon Chinatown.

Gaze At Cholon – Chinatown Saigon

Cholon, which directly translates lớn “Big Market”, was first established in the late 1700s when a large number of Hoa, an ethnic Chinese minority residing in Vietnam. Thien Hau is widely considered the most beautiful temple in the area and really worth paying a visit! After visiting this legendary temple, we will head to Secret Weapon Cellar.

Secret Saigon Underground

The NLF dug numerous secret cellars in the heart of Saigon khổng lồ store weapons và explosives brought from rural bases such as Cu đưa ra for fighting against the South Government, particularly the 1968 Tet Offensive. Early in 1967 the house’s owner, trần Văn Lai, dug two cellars underneath the house khổng lồ store pistols, rifles, grenades and over 350kg of TNT were transported there in hollowed-out boxes và specially-adapted wickerwork baskets and plant pots. After visiting this historic place, we will head lớn the memorial of Thich quang Duc who shocked the world by burning himself lớn death in 1963.

Learn From Different Perspectives During The Vietnam War!

Next, we will head back to the thành phố centre lớn visit the fascinating War Remnants Museum. This will be an emotionally hard-hitting experience given the graphic content of the museum. Nevertheless, it will be a valuable stop for anybody wishing lớn learn more about different perspectives surrounding the Vietnam War & its continuing effects today.

Stop For A Tasty Local Lunch

After the museum, we’ll take a well-earned rest & enjoy a tasty Vietnamese set-menu lunch at an authentic restaurant. After we’ve fueled up on these delicious local dishes, it’s off lớn our first stop of the afternoon which will be the Reunification Palace. Here you’ll learn all about its important place in Vietnamese history.

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An Afternoon Of Amazing Architecture

Our next stop will be the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office. Your knowledgeable guide will explain all the history behind these two incredible buildings. Your guide will show you the historic CIA building where one of the last U.S Helicopters flew out of Saigon in 1975. Next, we’ll walk you to lớn visit more HCMC highlights including the Opera House, hotel Continental, Rex hotel and city Hall as well as viewing the mighty Bitexco.

Our Final Stop!

In order to wrap up a wonderful day, we recommend you lớn come up khổng lồ Rex khách sạn rooftop for the legendary “Five O’Clock Follies” cocktail or simply have a cup of coffee or tea at the Coffee Apartment. After the last stop, we will get you safely back to lớn your khách sạn in the comfort of our private vehicle. Don’t forget khổng lồ give a hug lớn your lovely guide & ask for recommendations from our local expert!