Top 6 Beautiful Temples That You Should Visit In Saigon


Visiting religious sites lượt thích temples và pagodas has become an important part of Vietphái mạnh travel và usually included in many Ho Chi Minh City tours. This guide will các mục out a few of the best temples and pagodas in Ho Chi Minch City where you can study Vietnamesereligions và admire these beautiful & sacred architectures.

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District 1

Jade Emperor Pagoda73 Mai Thi Luu, District 1


Jade Emperor Pagodomain authority is a famous place for many locals coming & praying for fertility. The pagodomain authority is also known for its old và chất lượng paper statues. It was recognized as a National Architectural Heritage in 1994 và visited by Barachồng Obama when he was still in office in năm nhâm thìn.


District 3

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda339 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3


This pagodomain authority is famous for its tallest and most sophisticated stone towers in Vietnam giới. The tower is 7-story and 14-meter high. As one of the largest pagodomain authority in Ho Chi Minh City, Vinc Nghiem Pagodomain authority is often crowded with followers on the Vesak (Buddha’s Birthday).


Xa Loi Pagoda89 Ba Huyen Thanh hao Quan, District 3


Xa Loi is not only famous for its tallest bell tower which was finished in 1961 but also known for its part in a Vietnamese historical sự kiện. It was the place for individuals & Buddhism followers that protested against actions lớn suppress religious practice during Vietphái nam War, or commonly known as theBuddhist crisis of 1963.

Tran Hung Dao Temple36 Vo Thi Sau, District 1


This place is a memorial và temple in Ho Chi Minh City for Tran Hung Dao, a great general in Vietnamese history. In the temple, there are two statues of Tran Hung Dao; one is made of concrete và put in the garden, & the other copper statue is put in the worship place.


Phap Hoa Pagoda220A Le Van Sy, District 3


Another name of this pagoda is Lotus Pagoda, in which lotus is a symbol of purity. The pagodomain authority is located by Nhieu Loc - Thi Nghe Canal with a lot of visitors on the Vesak and Thich Thien Chieu Monk’s death memorial date.


District 5

Nhi Phu Temple264 Hai Thuong Lan Ong, District 5


The temple was established with the sponsorship of the Chinese who came from two prefectures, and thus it was named Nhi Phu (two prefectures). It is one of the oldest Chinese temples in Ho Chi Minh City of the Fujian people in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City before 1976).

Thien Hau Temple710 Nguyen Trai, District 5


The Cantonese who lived in the Cho Lon area (District 5, District 6, District 10 & District 11) in Saigon had built this place lớn pay appreciation to Mazu for giving them the blessing in their immigration journey. And since 1993, Thien Hau Temple in Ho Chi Minch City has been one of the National Architectural Heritages.

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District 10

An Quang Pagoda243 Su Van Hanh, District 10


An Quang Pagodomain authority is one of the Buddhist study institutions in Southern Vietnam giới. It is also the place for many followers come to pray and give sầu incense on Vesak & Tet holiday.

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District 11


The pagoda’s thiết kế represents traditional Southern Vietnam’s architecture. There are several statues & sculptures from the 19th & 20th centuries in this place. It was also recognized by the Cultural Department as National Historical & Cultural Heritage in 1993.

Phung Son Pagoda1408 Ba Thang Hai, District 11


Phung Son Pagoda has been a National Historical and Cultural Heritage since 1988. In this pagodomain authority, archaeologists have found clays & chinas from Oc Eo time (from the 1st lớn 7th century). A Tnhị brass Buddha statue & a Japanese wooden Buddha statue are also worshiped in this pagodomain authority.

Phu Nhuan District

Van Hanh Monastery750 Nguyen Kiem, Phu Nhuan District


Van Hanh Monastery is an important place for study & teaching of Vietnamese Buddhism. Many representatives of Buddhism from other countries and visitors from all over the world are coming here to work and pray, especially on the Vesak & Ghost Festival.

Go Vap District

Floating TempleVam Thuat River, District Go Vap


Floating Temple is a 300-year-old temple in Ho Chi Minh City with Vietnamese and Chinese architecture style. The temple is located on an islet of Vam Thuat River, but that"s not the only impressive sầu thing about it. The place has massive sầu rồng sculptures fencing the front of the temple.

Tan Binc District

Giac Lam Pagoda118 Lac Long Quan, Tan Binc District


As one of the earliest pagodas that were established in the 18th century, Giac Lam Pagodomain authority is famous for its old statues và various valuable documents about Vietnamese history, culture, architecture, sculpture, & religion.

Binh Tkhô hanh District

Le Van Duyet Temple (Lang Ong)1 Vu Tung, Binh Thanh khô District


Because it is located nearBa Chieu Market, the locals usually Gọi it by the name Lang Ong Ba Chieu.This temple is originally a tomb of a hero in Vietnamese history, Le Van Duyet, a renowned marshal in the Nguyen Dynasty. Before 1975, this place is considered as one of the symbols of Saigon-Gia Dinc.

Thu Duc District

Nam Thien De Nhat Tru Pagoda511 Dang Van Bi, Binch Tho Ward, Thu Duc District

Not many people know there is a one pillar pagodomain authority in Ho Chi Minch City. Nam Thien De Nhat Tru Pagoda was built from 1958 lớn 1977 as a small replicate of One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi. Its location is quite far from the thành phố center, so it is not usually crowded with visitors and preserved a tranquil atmosphere.

Van Duc Pagoda23 phần tư To Ngoc Van, Tam Phu Ward, Thu Duc District

Van Duc Pagodomain authority is the pagodomain authority with the tallest main hall in Vietnam. The 43.5-meter tall main hall is divided into lớn two stories for worshipping và teaching Buddhism. It is an art of a sacred place and a representation of modern architecture technique.

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Hoc Mon District

Hoang Phap PagodaTan Hiep Ward, Hoc Mon District

Hoang Phap is famous in Vietphái nam for their Spontaneous Loss Retreat. This pagoda is a 7-day meditation course for people who want to lớn relieve bao tay và find inner peace. There will be no TV, no cell phones, & no internet connection in the 7 days. It is a free course and popular amuốn teenagers with fun lessons about Buddha’s teaching.