Ho Chi Minch City (Saigon) – Pearl of the Far East – is the most populous and largest city in Vietphái nam. It is a major transport hub connecting with other provinces in the region & an international gateway of the region. The city is constantly moving no matter day or night, the street is always full of lights & lines of people connecting each other.

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Let’s find out the most amazing fun things khổng lồ vì in Ho Chi Minc City at night.

Hanoi Craft beer Tasting by Motorxe đạp – Unique things to lớn vị in Ho Chi Minc City at night

Learn about Vietnamese drinking culture from conversations with friendly local patrons and enjoy different local craft beer và food is one of the most amazing fun things to vì in Ho Chi Minh city at night. This experience is always rated 5-star & recommended for the first –time visitors.

See more about the experience here


Explore the thành phố by motorbike

Roaming through Ho Chi Minh City Street on a motorbike? Sound adventurous? Yes, quite thrilling but very worth it a try. Try this experience as you won’t find it back home.

Hop on a motorbike is the easiest & convenient way khổng lồ explore the city lanes và alleys và get up-cthua thảm khổng lồ local life. Make your way to lớn visit Ho Chi Minch City districts visiting markets, historic sites and local haunts. On the way, just stop by some local restaurants lớn try famous pho noodles, local dessert or Vietnamese coffee. It’s such a wonderful to have sầu a local guide to ride và show you the sights and sounds of the fantastic thành phố.

Recommended activities:

Saigon Motorbike Adventure

Sai Gon Midnight Motorxe đạp Tour

Street Food and Sightseeing Night Tour with Aodẻo Rider in Saigon (the best tour ever)


Feast your eyes with authentic cultural Show

Looking for something entertaining yet meaningful khổng lồ do in Ho Chi Minh at night? Cultural shows is recommended. These shows are perfect for traveling families looking lớn entertain the little ones after a full day of sightseeing và learn about Vietnamese culture.

The Golden Dragon Water Puppetry Theatre is where you can learn about the culture, traditions & folklore of Vietnamese life during your holiday in Ho Chi Minc City.Recommended tour: Sai Gon Cultural Evening Tour with Water Puppet Show và Dinner River Cruise

– A O Show : The spectacular, thrilling show is held at the iconic Saigon Opera House. It features optical illusions & impressive acrobatics, paired with traditional music performances by a troupe of talented local artists. As the name says, the show will give you a truly “A” “O” moment. It is very entertaining and engaging show for all ages và definitely not cheap but worth every cent. See more about A O Show here


– Teh Dar Show: This one-hour breathtaking show is also held in Ho Chi Minch Opera House, featuring a vibrant display of circus arts, aerial acrobatics, và tribal music. This show highlights the lives of tribal families from the southwest highlands of Vietnam using UNESCO-listed percussion instruments such as Vietnamese gongs and buffalo horns. You are hooked from the very beginning. It’s so simple, but so very very clever và entertaining. Don’t be miss it if you vì chưng not know what to vị in Ho Chi Minch thành phố at night. Book ticket for Teh Dar Show here

– The Mist Show: The Mist by Lune Production features six sketches of the daily lives of Vietnamese farmers in the khung of symbolic dance movements & traditional music. Offering an authentic experience for the audience, performers are dressed in traditional costumes & rural props that were used back in the olden days. Scenes include farmers tending to lớn rice fields, contemporary & ballet dancing, as well as acrobatic performances. Held several days a week in Saigon Opera House at 18:00, we highly recommover booking well in advance as it’s one of the most popular live sầu shows in Ho Chi Minc City. Book The Mist Show here

Saigon Skydeông xã at Tập Đoàn Bitexco Tower

Located in District 1 of the city, Bitexco Tower is located in the “heart” of the thành phố, symbolizing the modernity, dynamism & integration of Saigon. With a special shape like a rising lotus bud, this building is covered with 6,000 curved glass panels, arranged in the khung of inclined pillars.

Saigon Skydechồng on the 49th floor is considered the best view of the city from above sầu with a 360-degree view. From here visitors can see all the Ho Chi Minch City landmarks such as Ben Thanh Market, Notre Dame Cathedral, the financial district of Saigon, Thu Thiem Tunnel etc.

What’s more awesome? Upgrade your experience và choose the Saigon Skydeông xã & World of Heineken Combo package lớn go on an interactive beer brewing tour và get a customized bottle of Heineken beer with your name on it. You can buy the ticket khổng lồ Tập Đoàn Bitexco Tower here at cheaper price here.


Dinner Cruise on Sai Gon River

Embark on a dinner cruise on the Saigon River during your stay in Ho Chi Minch City. See the thành phố at night — a beauty lớn behold when draped in shimmering lights against the night sky. Crossing the heart of the bustling thành phố, the river cruise offers a tranquil escape aboard a wooden yacht. Enjoy dinner accompanied by traditional music và dance performances.

Sunmix Cocktail by Luxury Speedboat


Dining In the Dark

This is one of the most unforgettable things to vị in Ho Chi Minch City at night as it is not simply dining, but a rather unique gastronomic adventure. And you can only find this amazing experience at Noir. As you step inlớn Noir, all your senses will be stimulated as you will dine at complete darkness.

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One of the special things at Noir is that all waiters and waitresses inside the dining hall are visually impaired, but their service is absolutely top-notch. The guide was very informative và attentive sầu in the dark. Food is of premium quality, fine dining selections.

Don’t belittle the small servings as one can get quite filled up with multiple courses. They also have a vegetarian thực đơn.

Overall, it’s something one must try if they have sầu not in their lifetime. Book the Noir Dining here


Spa và Massage in Ho Chi Minc City

After a long day of sightseeing, why not give sầu yourself some relaxing moments at one of the top Spage authority và Massage in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bustling Bui Vien

This is a crowded area with a lot of foreigners living and is also the place where most of the most luxurious hotels, restaurants in Saigon located.

This place is famous for its night-time opening restaurants which attract a lot of Western và Vietnamese tourists. With just a bottle of beer, a stool to sit và chat with your friends in a bustling space full of laughter, your night in Sai Gon will be memorable.


Ben Tkhô hanh Street Food Market

Are you a food lover? Do you want khổng lồ enjoy all the food in countries around the world? Come lớn Ben Thanh Street Food, a convergence of more than 60 stalls selling delicious dishes from many countries around the world. It can be said that this is a culinary paradise for gourmets, you can eat as much as you want & the price is very cheap.


You can also find interesting authentic souvenirs baông chồng trang chính at Ben Tkhô cứng Night Market nearby as the market offers a wide range of items including clothing, footwear, jewelry lớn special Vietnamese dishes & food. Ben Thanh khô Market is the oldest market in Saigon và visits the bustling market is one of the most interesting things to lớn do in Sai gon at night.


Starlight Bridge

Located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Starlight (Anh Sao) Bridge is one of the igiảm giá photographic locations for photographers and many young people. The bridge is 170m long with more than 5,000 lights arranged along the road & the two sides of the bridge create a shimmering space.

If you want khổng lồ see the sparkling Starlight Bridge from above sầu, rethành viên lớn choose a khách sạn in District 7 to stay!


Café rooftop bar

This place is known as the sleepless đô thị with lots of nightlife activities. Many people mingle with the floông chồng, but many choose khổng lồ sit on high khổng lồ admire the sparkling scenery of Ho Chi Minc City at night.

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If you choose the second way, see the list of beautiful cafes in Saigon khổng lồ find yourself an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá observation point:

Café Eon – Floor 50 Tập Đoàn Bitexco Tower, No. 2 Hai Trieu, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh CityKing Rooftop coffee – 8.9, Floor 31-33 Hai Ba Trung, District 1, Ho Chi Minh CityRooftop Pool Bar – Hotel Des Arts Saigon – 24th floor, Hotel Des Arts Saigon, 76 -78 Nguyen Thi Đường Minh Khai, District 3, Ho Chi Minh CityLounge Bar Cloud 9 – Floor 6 và 7 Hai Nam Building, 2 Bis Cong Truong International, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minch CityMary Jane’s The Bar – 85 Nguyen Huu Cau, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


There are so many things khổng lồ vì in Ho Chi Minc City at night awaiting you khổng lồ explore. Comment below if you have sầu awesome experience with our suggestion.