Nearly 10 years of operation is such a long way, starting from a small spa in the khách sạn khổng lồ nowadays becoming spa làm đẹp chain with many branches & bringing the pioneer mission to take the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp industry in Vietphái nam to keep up with the standards of the world.

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La Spage authority is ready to surprise you with meticulous care from the smallest details, absolute cleanliness and unexpected service.

What makes us proud is not just the increase in the number of customers, the reputation, the revenue & the more perfection of the process and chất lượng service, but the staff deep attachment and enthusiasm. We believe sầu that the “happy” service only comes from happy people. As a result, caring people is one of the La Spa’s core values.(see more)

Total Foot Treatment

A complete care package and ultimate treat for feet. This treatment combines a foot mát xa focusing on pressure points with a dry và wet scrub to remove dead skin, leaving your feet silky smooth. It is an invigorating ‘facelift’ for your feet.

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Himalayan Salternative text Stone Massage

This special therapy uses a blkết thúc of pure essential oil & natural salternative text roông xã crystal formed 250million years ago in ancient seas beneath the Himalayan Mountains. The healing mas sa technique combined with warm salternative text stones balances the central nervous system. It gently soothes the accumulation of căng thẳng và tension, helps remove toxins while infusing healthy minerals into the skin.

Ocean Package

The oceans are full of natural & trace elements which help draw toxins from the body toàn thân as well oxygenate cells, hydrate, revitalize và firm the skin. A sea salt scrub full of minerals helps keep your skin clean và healthy, whilst a full toàn thân massage with salternative text stone helps infuse minerals into lớn the skin, concluding with a soothing all-in-one facial treatment.

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Sky Package

‘Sky’ is the imaginative sầu way we lượt thích to lớn refer this treatment which will leave sầu you feeling in seventh heaven. A full toàn thân mát xa, complete foot therapy, hot and cold stone facial mas sa will make you feel the sky’s the limit after La Spa’s ultimate pampering experience.


Ms. Kim



Le Tra My

Trainer, La Spa Cau Go


Nguyen Thu Nga

Personal Assistant khổng lồ Director


Pđam mê Thi Thanh hao Loan

Supervisor, La Spage authority Hang Be


Le Thi Lien

Manager, La Spage authority Hoi An

La Spa Lo Su

2nd floor of Hanoi La Siesta Diamond hotel at 32 Lo Su Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

La Spage authority Ma May

3rd floor of Hanoi La Siesta Hotel và Spage authority at 94 Ma May Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

La Spage authority Nguyen Quang Bich

No. 10 Nguyen Quang Bich street, Old Quarter, Hanoi , Vietnam