Combine a flourishing art scene with a wave of new stylish & affordable places khổng lồ stay and you get more than just a bustling, chaotic capital đô thị. Here are the best boutique hotels in Hanoi, offering perfect respite after a day’s sightseeing.

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Style và elegance are the O’Gallery Premier Hotel’s trademarks, where contemporary touches mixed with beautiful old things in an effortless way, brimming with dark-brown wood ceilings & furniture, modern lamps and parquet floor. Sumptuous yet comfortable bedrooms vary in form size but are never too tiny. The hotel is on a busy, hustling street in Old Quarter, an edgy neighbourhood known for its traditional clothing shops and galleries. So expect some noise if you are staying in front rooms with windows, a balcony or terrace. The sense of service is highly developed, & there is a daily Búp Phê breakfast in the dining room.

Tucked behind a deliberately easy-to-miss door on the tranquil street of Nguyen Quang Bich, this hideaway is one of the most opulent boutique hotels in Hanoi. La Siesta Trendy’s exterior is inconspicuous, to say the least. Its interior, however, is an antidote lớn the blvà boredom of many boutique hotels. Decor is contemporary & clean-lined, but with elegant & artistic touches, from modern artworks to lớn lighting fixtures. Many of its 70 rooms have a spacious balcony with an eye-bird view of the đô thị. And don’t miss the bar downstair with its glamourous brown lacquer furnishing and a topfloor restaurant where you can grab a breakfast buffet. The khách sạn staff are attentive & affable whom somehow can be the highlight of your stay.

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The name Chi – which translates loosely as “life energy” – gives some idea of what lớn expect from one of the Hanoi’s newest accommodation option. A restful blkết thúc of old-fashioned & contemporary styles create a traditional Chinese feel in this modern boutique hotel: dark wood furniture, modern lantern, artworks of lotus leaves và a dyên sum restaurant. Bedrooms vary in size: the biggest ones are the suites with a lovely balcony overlooking the St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Remarkable value, helpful staff, and bang in the heart of the Old Quarter.

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Sophisticated yet understated, peaceful but central, Maison d’Orient is the kind of place where you’d want to live if you’re an old Hanoian. Interiors are a mishmash of old & new: bamboo furniture, propagandomain authority prints, bamboo shades, wooden armchairs & mismatched Thonet chairs. Rooms are simple yet pleasing, named after và perfumed with several distinctive sầu local spices (ginger, anise, cinnatháng, lemongrass). Breakfasts are served on rustic lacquered tables which are designed by Vietnamese craftsmen.