How To: Add More Fonts For Autocad

Fix corrupt fonts

Are your fonts not showing up or not displaying properly in AutoCAD? Having TrueType phông problems? Here are the solutions to lớn a few comtháng issues you might face with your AutoCAD texts & fonts.

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How lớn install fonts correctly

Need to install fonts on your computer? Here"s how to bởi vì it correctly. Take care to follow the linked steps when installing fonts – otherwise, our software may not be able khổng lồ read fonts you"ve installed.

Important definitions for this page

Text Styles: Our software includes several mặc định Text Styles. Each Text Style is applied automatically when you place text in a drawing using one of our tools. (Many of our Text Styles apply lớn several Lvà F/X tools.) For example, the Schedule Text style controls the text within your Plant Schedules, Irrigation Schedules, Reference Notes Schedules, etc. You can configure these Text styles to lớn use your chosen fonts, point kích thước, and other custom settings.

Fonts: A phông is a unified mix of characteristics applied khổng lồ letters, numbers, & other characters. Well-known fonts include Arial, Helvetica, & Courier. In the context of our software, a "font" is one of several settings that you can apply to a Text Style. So if you want your schedule text khổng lồ appear in Arial, you would assign the Arial phông to your Schedule Text style.

"Error creating text style" error messages

You might see an error message that begins with "Error creating text style" & includes the name of a fonts.

For the solution to this error, see our Error creating text style: Font file not installed article.

Text spilling out and around box/font area

Text that"s spilling outside a text box (such as a callout box) usually results from a problem defining the Lvà F/X Text Style that"s assigned to lớn that particular usage of text in your drawing.

For example, if you see text spilling out & around the text box of a plant label, you"ll want to lớn kiểm tra the settings for CALLOUT LIGHT, which is the Text Style assigned to plant labels & other specific types of callouts.

You can make changes lớn Text Styles from the General Preferences screen. Open the Preferences screen:

F/X Admin ribbon

Preferences flyout buttons on any of the other F/X ribbons

Several toolbars (FX Admin toolbar pictured)

Any of the F/X pull-down menus

(F/X Admin, F/X Site, F/X Planting, F/X Irrigation, or F/X Details)

or type *FXPreferences in the Comm& line

In the General Preferences, highlight the problematic Text Style và click Edit.

For example, if your callouts are spilling out và around the text box, highlightCALLOUT LIGHTvà click Edit. Then kiểm tra which phông is assigned to CALLOUT LIGHT in the Font thực đơn. It may be mix lớn a fonts that is not installed on your computer. Use the thực đơn to lớn mix a different fonts, và clickOKto lớn save sầu the change.

That phông will now be applied to the selected Text Style. For example, if you choose the phông Stylus BT for the Text Style Callout Light, the text in your callouts will appear in the Stylus BT font.

Fix corrupt fonts

If you"ve opened a drawing and your phông corruption is preventing you from operations such as placing a schedule, the issue may be resulting from a corrupt fonts on your computer, or from a corrupt fonts entry in AutoCAD.

In creating a Text Style, you can specify the phông name, or the phông filename. Our software can only access the fontNameby reading the font file itself. Adding lớn the misery, the Windows Registry only stores the fonts Abbreviated Name with the filename – not the full name.

Additionally, Windows 7 users often experience another headabít, where successive sầu attempts khổng lồ uninstall or reinstall the same font will result in the font filename changing automatically upon reinstallation. This filename changing is the biggest nightmare with fonts in many a year. For example, since Windows 3.11, Arial"s filename has been arial.ttf, plain and simple. But now with Windows 7, the filename can turn intoarial_3.ttf on some machines when Arial is reinstalled.

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Therefore, when working with our software – especially in a multi-user office – you"ll need lớn confirm that the phông filenames are the same.

Fix #1: Edit the Registry listing for the problem font, & reboot the computer

The registry settings can be found in the thư mục path in the Registry Editor:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version/Fonts

If you"re unfamiliar with the Registry Editor, you may want to ask your IT administrator to lớn perkhung these steps.

To access the thư mục path shown above sầu, open the Rundialog box by pressing the Windows and R keys (Windows) or the Command & R keys (Mac using Parallels Desktop).

In the Run dialog box, type regedit in the Open field.

Cliông xã OK.

The Registry Editor will open. Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder by clicking the arrow to the left of the thư mục name.

From the folderHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, continue expanding folders to lớn navigatelớn the folder pathSoftware > Microsoft > Windows NT > Current Version > Fonts.

The fonts that are installed on your computer will be listed in this folder. Each font"s filename will appear to the right of the fonts name. In our example, the filename of the font Arial (TrueType) is arial.ttf.

If you see the problem font listed with an abbreviated filename that includes "_0," "_1," etc., change the font"s filename khổng lồ the correct one. This can be as simple as deleting the extra characters (underscores, numbers, etc.) from the filename.

Restart your computer khổng lồ enact the changes.

If editing the registry listing for the problem font hasn"t worked for you, it"s time to lớn move sầu on to Fix #2.

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Fix #2: Delete the corrupt versions of the problem font

Important: You"ll want these steps open on another computer or phone, as you"ll be restarting the machine with the issue and will not be able to lớn view them there.