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It’s almost impossible lớn visit Hoi An without stopping by a tailor shop. You would actually have to lớn go out of your way to lớn avoid one, as there are now over 500 tailors located throughout the city. As you tour through the downtown streets, almost every other shop does custom tailoring, sewing, leather work and alterations. You won’t be able khổng lồ miss the mannequins wearing suits, dresses, gowns, bikinis và even winter coats as you explore ancient town.

Tailoring is one of the main things that keeps Hoi An on the maps for tourists và continues khổng lồ draw in thousands of people a year.


Visiting a tailor in Europe, the USA or Canada is always going lớn cost you a pretty penny, so take advantage of the fact that you’re in one of the cheapest places left worldwide to lớn have custom clothing made.


But how much should you expect to lớn pay for tailoring?

And what tailors in Hoi An are the best ones to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with?

After spending 5 months in Hoi An this past year, I learned a LOT about the differences in pricing and unique at the different tailors in town. It’s true that not all tailor shops are created equal, but that doesn’t mean that only the expensive ones are worth your business.

I personally had clothing made at some of the cheapest shops I could find, along with a dress at the ‘big name’ store in town, just so I could see the differences first hand.

While the big thương hiệu store did give me a great product, some of my favorite pieces are the ones that cost me 80% less and came from the ‘cheaper’ stores.


This blog on Hoi An tailors will teach you:

The average prices for different items of clothingWhich tailors I personally recommendHow much time you need lớn get custom clothing madeHow lớn find the best tailor for your specific needsBest tips for using a tailor in Hoi An

For the most part, tailor shops in Hoi An seem lớn fall under two categories. The first is a basic/casual kind of store with summer dresses, rompers và easier patterns, & the second type being high-end stores with suits, gowns & dress clothes. There are not too many tailor shops that fall in the middle.

If you are looking specifically for formal type attire, you should really stick to lớn the high-end tailor shops. They will have more luxurious fabrics, more skilled tailors & more experience with delivering a proper fit. I wouldn’t try & get suits or gowns made at a cheaper tailor siêu thị because it’s going to show. The fabric might be khổng lồ flimsy, or the tailor may not be used to working with more complicated designs, which is just going to lớn be a frustrating experience for both parties.

I should know – I tried! I brought some gown ideas khổng lồ several of the cheapest tailors I could find, và the finished result was either completely wrong, or they told me straight up they could not make the dress.

For anything other than formal wear, I would feel không tính phí to cửa hàng around at any type of tailor shop. If you are looking for casual button up shirts, sundresses, tops, shorts và other simple designs, most of the tailors will vì chưng a great job. I personally would not go lớn a high-end shop and pay top dollar for a super causal design, as they can easily be made anywhere in town.


I found that no matter then store, the tailor would start the pricing between 30% lớn 60% higher than they will ultimately accept. If you find a tailor or thiết kế that you want to work with, start negotiations và do not pay the first quoted price, no matter what they tell you. No tailor shop will ever give you their best price at first offer, as bartering & negotiating are part of their everyday business.

This isn’t khổng lồ say you are trying lớn diminish the value of their hard work, but they put the price UP when they see a tourist inquiring. Unless you lượt thích overpaying for things, I would absolutely negotiate until both parties feel it’s a fair deal.


Here is what you should expect to pay for custom tailoring in Hoi An in 2019/2020. These of course are estimates, and already taken into trương mục that you’ve negotiated them down to lớn this amount. Use these prices as a guideline so you don’t completely get taken for a ride but remember that if you find an outfit you absolutely love, don’t walk away from it just because it doesn’t fit into this pricing guide.

Women’s Dress or Evening Gown

Simple design – 1,700,000 VND ($75 USD)Moderate design – 2,100,000 VND ($90 USD)Complicated thiết kế with extra fabric – 3,000,000 VND ($130 USD)

As long as the dress is not made with some luxurious imported speciality fabric, I personally wouldn’t pay over 3 million VND for any dress made in Hoi An.

Men’s 3 Piece Suit (Pants, Shirt, Jacket)

Simple/Basic Fabric – 2,100,000 VND ($90 USD)Moderate Fabric – 4,000,000 VND ($170 USD)Luxury Fabric và Design – 6,000,000 VND ($260 USD)

Again, unless the fabric is imported speciality fabric, or the design is extra complicated for some reason, I would not personally pay over 6 million VND for a 3-piece suit in Hoi An. I have seen some shops quote up khổng lồ 10 million VND, but I am not sure the chất lượng can match the ask.

Tailor: BeBeItem: Custom red evening gownPrice: 2,150,000 VND ($92 USD)Starting Price (Before Negotiations): 4,000,000 VND ($173 USD)Difference: 47% off

I saw the dress on a mã sản phẩm when I first arrived in Hoi An, và it took me almost 5 months to lớn decide to lớn get it. I’ll be honest, I first brought the photo of this dress khổng lồ two other tailors in town that were extremely cheap. Both of them told me they could not vì this dress, as the thiết kế was too complicated và they did not have the right kind of fabric. I appreciated their honesty and decided to lớn bite the bullet & go khổng lồ BeBe directly.

I never saw myself being a patron of Bebe, not because I don’t believe in their work, but because I usually don’t seek out the most expensive store in a city. I know that with high-end brand names, you are sometimes paying for their expensive rent and sale budgets, more so than for their higher quality of clothing.

However, I left feeling very satisfied by the entire experience, và I would recommend buying higher-end clothing there. They greet you with cold water, they have air-con in the fitting rooms, và they vì chưng know their stuff!

My dress took 3 fittings to get right, but they made it exactly how I requested. I made some changes from the original design, và they were happy khổng lồ work with me on them.

Outside of the “Big 5” thương hiệu tailor shops in town, around 80% of them will fall under the ‘casual’ category, offering items at a lower price. For the most part, these shops usually offer a lower quality fabric/material, but for some items (especially easy casual wear) it really doesn’t matter.

Prices For Women’s Casual Clothing

Basic/Simple Summer Dress: 325,000 – 450,000 VND ($14 – $20 USD)

Summer Dress (Detailed/Extra Fabric) : 500,000 – 750,000 VND ($21 – $33 USD)

Sleeveless Button Up Shirt: 325,000 – 450,000 VND ($14 – $20 USD)

Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt: 350,000 – 475,000 VND ($15 – $20 USD)

Tank Top: 200,000 – 325,000 VND ($9 – $13 USD)

Short Sleeve Blouse (Basic/Simple): 300,000 – 425,000 VND($13 – $18 USD)

Blouse (More Detailed/Extra Fabric):425,000 – 600,000 VND($18 – $26 USD)

Pants/Trousers: 500,000 – 800,000 VND ($21 – $35 USD)

Shorts/Hot Pants:375,000 – 675,000 VND ($16 – $29 USD)

Bikini (Simple): 300,000 – 500,000 VND ($13 – $21 USD)

Prices For Men’s Casual Clothing

Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt: 350,000 – 500,000 VND ($15 – $21 USD)

Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt: 400,000 – 650,000 VND ($17 – $28 USD)

Mid Length Shorts:375,000 – 650,000 VND ($16 – $28 USD)

Pants/Trousers:450,000 – 800,000 VND ($19 – $35 USD)


Just because you don’t want khổng lồ splurge for high-end BeBe, doesn’t mean other skilled shops can’t still make suits or gowns.

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Note: Sometimes you can find a đá quí in the rough that will make a suit or gown identical khổng lồ a high end cửa hàng with a much lower price. Other times, you will find yourself left with a lower unique item and wondering why you didn’t spend the extra money in the first place. Read đánh giá on Trip Advisor and do some homework/comparison first!

If you find a cheaper tailor shop that still makes dressier clothing, here is what you can expect to pay there:

Women’s Evening Dress/ Gown: 900,000 – 1,500,000 VND ($39 – $65 USD)

Men’s 3 Piece Suit:1,200,000 – 2,000,000 VND ($52 – $87 USD)

Men’s or Women’s Coat:700,000 – 1,000,000 VND ($30 – $43 USD)

I went khổng lồ 3 of the cheaper, more casual type tailors in Hoi An for some basic items.

Alice TailorHu’o’ng Ly TailorGolden Silk Tailor
Alice Tailor

Item: Casual black/white sundressPrice: 350,000 VND ($15 USD)Starting Price (Before Negotiations): 500,000 VND ($22 USD)Difference: 30% off

This is dress is my FAVORITE casual thắng lợi I got in Hoi An. In retrospect, I should have gone back to Alice Tailor and gotten a few more made, plus a few extra items. Big mistake on my part!

I heard from many online forums not lớn go into the main market area, as all the tailors inside that building were ‘scams’ or ‘bad quality’, but I have lớn disagree. The dress Alice made me for 350,000 VND is amazing và I love the chất lượng and fabric. I even had 3 fittings for that price to make sure it was 100% correct. It fits my toàn thân like a glove và it looks like a dress that is much more expensive. The fabric is slightly structured và very flowy/soft & it feels amazing on my skin.

Hu’o’ng Ly Tailor

Item: Short sleeve casual button up shirtPrice: 375,000 VND ($16 USD)Starting Price (Before Negotiations): 700,000 VND ($30 USD)Difference: 47% off

My husband had 3 short sleeve button up shirts made at this tailor và loves them khổng lồ this day. He got one in medium blue, navy blue và army green và they look so good dressed up or down. Since he got all three of them at the same time, he was able to lớn make a giảm giá khuyến mãi for 1.25 Million VND, which works out to lớn 375,000 VND, or just $16 US dollars each!

Since he had such good luck, I had a smaller sleeveless version of this shirt made for 375,000 VND as well.

Golden Silk Tailor

Item: 2 sundresses (replicas of a dress I brought in)Price: 700,000 VND for both ($30 USD)Item: Sleeveless blouse (replica of a shirt I brought in)Price: 290,000 VND ($12.50 USD)

We found this tailor through friends we met while living in Hoi An. She told me her sister runs a tailor siêu thị and I should stop by & have some items made. Instead of going & getting something made from scratch, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to lớn get some of my already favorite clothing items copied.

I brought in a sun dress that I love wearing in hot climates, and a sleeveless blouse that can easily be dressed up or down. I asked the tailor if she could make replicas of these items, with just a few minor alterations lớn make the new sản phẩm fit even better.

The dress: Since I loved my sundress so much, I actually asked her khổng lồ make 2 of them, one in red và one in blue. I asked for 1 inch added to the length of the dresses.The blouse: I asked a smaller waist on the blouse, while making the bust ½ an inch bigger.

On my next fitting both the dresses and the blouse were nowhere near how I wanted the styles to be. The dresses were not the same as my sundress & fit completely differently, và the blouse was huge and baggy all around. However, the girl who runs the cửa hàng was incredibly nice và accommodating và said they would alter it as many times as it took to lớn get it right. It took an additional 3 more visits to lớn get it right. I am happy with the finished products, & even though it took a while to lớn get them fitting right, they were a rock solid price và she gave patient, friendly service.

2-3 days.

Most tailors will start making your nhà cửa later that evening, or early the next morning. After your initial visit, you will most likely be asked to come back the following afternoon khổng lồ try on the clothing & see if any adjustments need khổng lồ be made. 80% of the time, they will need lớn make slight changes after your first fitting. The majority of items will be ready khổng lồ go after your second fitting, depending on how complicated the thiết kế is và the skill of the tailor.

Day 1: Initial consultationDay 2: Fitting of itemDay 3: 2nd fitting of item

Most people find success after their 2nd fitting. If the design is very complicated, or if you were unable lớn communicate your expectations with the tailor, you might need a 3rd or 4th fitting, which can take an extra 1-2 days.

Give yourself 2-4 days lớn have your clothes made while you visit Hoi An.

When you visit any tailor in Hoi An, you’ll see many dresses, shirts & outfits already made và hanging up around the entire store. If you are in a hurry và don’t have 2 or 3 days lớn have clothing made, you might be tempted khổng lồ buy something they already have available in the shop. Truth be told, most of these items (especially in more casual stores) have likely been there for a long time.

Yes, you can buy these samples & pre-made outfits, but before you vị – make sure the fabric hasn’t been lightened/discolored from sun exposure or stained by mildew/mold.

Depending on the time of year, the weather might be extremely hot & humid. Many of the more casual và cheaper tailor shops do not have air conditioning và perhaps only have a fan or two. This can become super uncomfortable when trying on clothes in 40+ weather, let alone getting to & from the shop daily in the oppressive heat. Use Grab lớn get back và forth from your appointments during the mid-day heat, & plan accordingly when using the tailors during the hot season. (March-Sept)

If you don’t like something or if you want something changed, voice it immediately. You will regret not saying something afterwards when you are stuck with an thắng lợi of clothing you never wear but spent time & money having it made.

Always negotiate. lượt thích I mentioned above, the bartering system is deeply ingrained into Vietnamese culture. They expect you to negotiate with them, so much so that they raise the price of their clothing in order to leave room for coming down khổng lồ meet your offer. Expect lớn get at least 20-35% off of their first price but in many cases, you can actually receive 40-50% và as high as 60% off.

Shop around. If you have extra time in Hoi An, shop around at half a dozen tailors khổng lồ get a good idea of fabrics, prices và customer service. This is also a great way to see how low some tailors will go, because as you go to leave after inquiring about clothing, they will usually make you some good offers. Write down all the prices you are quoted so you have a good idea what your budget should look like.

Ask if the fabric is already washed. If you are measured for an item, & then the fabric shrinks slightly in the wash, your new custom sundress is now useless! Make sure that the fabric you chose has already been pre-washed so it will still fit you after the first wash.

It might not be exactly lượt thích the photo. In some shops they have printed off photos from popular online clothing stores, using them as examples of what they can make. This does not necessarily mean they have even made that particular thành công before, nor might they have the correct pattern for it. I saw so many pictures of my favorite dress printed directly off of LuLu’s website, which made me wonder how they could re-create a dress from a 2d photo. If you are using printed off photos as inspiration, know that they might not turn out the same in real life.

Get something made based on your pain points.

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We all have something about clothing that just drives us nuts. Maybe you can never find pants that are long enough, or suit jackets are always too tight in the shoulders. For me, it’s getting shirts or dressed that are small enough in the empire waistline, but still big enough in the bust. Whatever your clothing pain point is, use that as inspiration on what kind of items to lớn get made. This is your change khổng lồ address your custom needs for way less than you ever thought.

My best advice: Have fun with it! This isn’t something you get to vì chưng every day!