Fish Sauce Factory In Phu Quoc Island


Vietnam giới is a country that is interesting for its gastronomic features: here you can try a lot of national dishes that have no analogues anywhere. Here they make one of the most popular Asian seasonings – Nyok Mom fish sauce. It is produced throughout the country, but the fish sauce factory on Phu Quoc Island is a true monopodanh mục in this field.

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The product can be called national treasure. Millions of liters of it are sold annually around the world. It is useful, has a non-standard và unusual taste, and also has a magical property to lớn enhance the aroma and taste of any, the most unassuming dish.

A little information about the isl& of Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island is located in the Gulf of Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan, và it is the largest in Vietphái mạnh. Locals gọi it another “99 mountains” because of the presence of small hills. They descover around the perimeter of Fukuoka from north to lớn south, và these mountains, however, ninety-nine!

Those who visited the island, then say with one voice about him: “Truly a heavenly place!” There are no noisy discos, big nightclubs. Even in the high season on the beaches of Fukuoka you can find a secluded place where, besides you, only a few people will bask in the sun. And the beaches here are wonderful, with clean, crumbly sand and clear water. Not for nothing in 2008, Phu Quoc Islvà was officially recognized as a place with the most beautiful and clean beaches.


But not only beaches, emerald water và a relaxing holiday is famous Phu Quoc Isl&. Here make the famous Fukuoka fish sauce. Those who tried it, talk about this sauce with the same enthusiasm and the desire to lớn eat them again. There are occasional cases when a person distorts a person with the words “fish sauce from Phu Quoc island” from disgust. But this applies to those who can not stvà the fish. What is this mysterious dish, where và from what is it made?

Fish Sauce Factory

There are about a hundred factories for the production of “Nyok Moms” sauce (proper native name). But not all produce a product suitable for international standards. The largest plant for the production of sauce Nuoc mam is located in the city of Duong Dong. It is also a local landmark, where you can go on a tour và see the process of making sauce from beginning to lớn over.

Besides the fact that the sauce produced in this factory is the most popular in the world, it is also made according to the most “correct” recipe. Seasoning “Nyok Moms” should include two components: seafood & salt. The first ingredient can be live fish of different varieties, small và large. Often use frozen (which could not immediately sell), as well as offal và fish blood. But at the factory in Duong Dong only local anchovies are prepared. And not everyone is suitable in composition, select the best, with the highest protein content.


Neither at the factory in the đô thị of Duong Dong, nor at other enterprises under pain of death will they give out the secret of making magic sauce. But you can come for a không tính phí tour, walk around the plant and see the whole process of turning anchovies & salternative text into lớn magic seasoning. It is famous for the fact that it is not worse than the well-known sodium glutamate strengthens và “opens” the taste of any dish.

Manufacturing process

The anchovies for this sauce, as soon as they are caught, are immediately frozen, so as not to lớn deteriorate. At the factory, the fish sản phẩm is thawed out after being brought in and mixed with sea salt. The ratio of fish and salt is about five khổng lồ one. Another important detail: it is at the factory in Duong Dong that only excellent chất lượng sea salt is used, và also locally produced.

A mixture of anchovies và salternative text lay in huge wooden barrels. At the bottom of their corals are laid out in a thichồng layer, they serve sầu as a kind of primary filter. The process is long (about this – below), but not laborious. Salt fish mixture is placed on top of the fish và fermentation of anchovy mixed with salternative text begins.

Anchovies of which prepare fish sauce

The fermentation process should last more than a year, from twelve to fourteen months. There are varieties of fish sauce, cooking which takes up lớn three years. It is darker, thicker, & it is necessary lớn add it khổng lồ food very carefully, because the mouth & lips can become inflamed from the habit. Another important point: in small plants, they can add water to lớn the barrels of fish and salt, in order lớn “increase the exhaust” of the hàng hóa, so to lớn speak. To try a quality sauce without admixture of water, it is better khổng lồ buy one that is made at the main plant in the city of Duong Dong.

During the year và a half, while the mixture wanders in barrels, periodically they are removed from the lid with a load và give sầu the contents of the containers to lớn “breathe.” In the meantime, a magical sản phẩm begins khổng lồ flow from the special outlet of each barrel. It is almost transparent, yellowish, with a specific aroma. Corals on the bottom – the first, but not the only filter that is used khổng lồ clean the sauce. The tubes of the liquid goes khổng lồ the tank, covered with clean cloths or foam rubber. Then from these containers the finished sản phẩm is bottled & corked.

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In some nhận xét, tourists who visited Vietnam & visited factories for making sauce complain of an unbearable nauseous smell. Alas, in small factories, where they take fish waste, blood and husk to lớn prepare Nuoc mam, this may well be the case. In large factories, there is a persistent smell, but it is not at all nasty, but rather specific. Fish in Duong Dong, for example, is chosen with a maximum protein nội dung, its ideal concentration in the hàng hóa should be from 40 lớn 43 percent, not less. No fish waste, especially blood, is used at this plant, God forbid!

The liquid of the “first stage”, that is, that which begins to pour from the barrel after the start of fermentation, is the sauce of the highest grade. The hàng hóa of the second and so on queues is not worse in taste, they simply contain slightly lower levels of proteins, vitamins và mineral salts, và the flavor is not so bright.

Tourists who visited the plant, not only have the opportunity to lớn walk through the shops and see the whole process. Offer không tính phí tasting sauce of different consistency & aging. It is possible in the factory siêu thị to lớn buy & take with you bottles of magic seasoning.


How lớn eat fish sauce

From all over Vietphái nam, locals go và go lớn Phu Quoc Islvà khổng lồ buy the most delicious, high-unique and most “right” sauce “Nyok Mom”. In the country, it is eaten in every family, served in any restaurant or cà phê, with it unless they only eat sweet dishes & dairy desserts! Tourists, having tried this sauce, too, then do not imagine eating without it. Whether it is a complex dish of meat or fish products or banal rice.

Since the sauce has a high salt concentration, they can (within reasonable limits) be replaced without affecting the taste. On the contrary – the flavor of food is revealed as if with this seasoning. This is the most popular and simple application “Nyok Mama”. It also marinates meat or fish before heat treatment.

The sauce of the first spill, or manufactured in time more than one & a half years, diluted with cold boiled water, add squeezed garlic, letháng juice or lime. This liquid is called “Nyok Cham” – seasoning for dipping. In “Nyok Cham”, they dip fried (or boiled) meat, fish, pour pasta over it, add it to salads.

The specific smell, which often scares away those who want khổng lồ try fish sauce, instantly disappears when cooked. In the manufacture of “Nyok Chama” lemon & garlic also “quenched” this flavor. Particularly fastidious owners of sensitive noses are recommended khổng lồ add more pungent red pepper – it will completely negate the remnants of the smell.

Noodles with fish sauce

Can I take with me

Alas, during the inspection at the airport all the bottles with the magic liquid will be removed! This act is motivated by strict customs officers simply: God forbid, the bottle will break in the plane or the plastic will leak. Fish sauce is instantly absorbed where it is spilled, & the smell does not erode for a very long time. Over time, he really turns into lớn a strong stench.

You can try different types of sauce throughout Vietnam giới, và even more on Phu Quoc Isl&. But vày not be upmix that you can not take it: the famous fish sauce from the isl& of Phu Quoc is sold throughout the world. This is not just a well-known product, but a globally recognized brand that has been introduced inkhổng lồ the international geographic information system. The main thing is to lớn buy a real fish sauce made in the Fukuoka factory. The words Phu Quoc must appear on the bottle as proof of the brand. Also, there must be a special br& on the neck of the bottle – it confirms the state unique of the hàng hóa.

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Phu Quoc Islvà Nuoc mam is not only incredibly tasty. It is very healthy because of its high content of protein, mineral salts và rare types of vitamins. The food market of the European Union, considering various types of Vietnamese food, was named “Nyok Mom” sauce as the first lớn be allowed for sale. About 12 million liters of this wonderful seasoning are sold all over the world every year.