Dao tien river, hoi an

Description: Dao Tien had Moved To Dao Tien River on the same name at 201/05 Phan Boi Chau st.At the same street but on the River View.600M EAST of Hoi An Market

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Went here for dinner this evening, và was very happy with everything. The meal was great, service excellent. Only phản hồi is that cold drinks need khổng lồ be cold, had to lớn ask for an ice bucket lớn put our beers into, problem sorted. No trouble for the staff

Four friends và I ate at the Dao Tien River for dinner.The Resturant is located along the River with fantastic views. When we arrived we were seated at the front overlooking the River. With a breeze blowing và the temperature down it made for a great experience.We all started with icy cold beers then ordered our meals. I was not feeling hungry so I only ordered a main, the “Prawns wrapped in Babé with a spicy BBQ sauce”. This meal was one of the more expensive being 250,000 Dong (AUS$15).The entree arrived và all looked very appetising. I tried a coconut covered prawn và was very nice. The other two entree ordered also looked good và from the remarks enjoyed by the guests.When my main came out I was disappointed as their were only 4 prawns & 3 very tiny clumps of salad. I tried a prawn and besides being a little bl&, was OK. I asked the waitress where the BBQ sauce was and she remarked “ internally”. I was not really impressed with her answer. In addition my meal was the smallest out of all the 5, however most expensive.At the conclusion of the meal we asked for the Bill. The waitress advised that she would let us sit for a while. After some time we were looking for our Bill and saw her bring a folder over to near us và then left it on the servers station nearby before walking off. After another short time one of our group went over to another serving và again asked for our Bill. The other server after searching came over khổng lồ the nearby servers station picked up the thư mục và presented our account.Unfortunately the evening was a little disappointing after my main and lachồng of service by our hệ thống.In principle I wouldn’t return to this Resturant as their are plenty of other great restaurants in Hoi An lớn tư vấn.