The best way to lớn get from Danang to lớn Hoi An is by road. Most travellers will stay in Hoi An, the picture-perfect UNESCO Heritage-listed town but will arrive sầu in Danang by air or rail. This is because Hoi An has neither a railway station nor an airport, but don’t worry, it isn’t far and below I’ll cover the quickest, cheapest, most luxurious, budge,t & comfortable ways to lớn get between Danang và Hoi An.

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Danang khổng lồ Hoi An

We made the short đoạn phim below using our real & frequent experiences of travelling between Danang & Hoi An. We further explain your transport options & how to lớn organise them further down the page. We were in Hoi An as a family and would make this trip often, with kids, it’s not hard lớn vày and we felt safe taking the bus between Danag & Hoi An. Likewise taxis on this route were comfortable and felt safe, but cost more.

You could, of course, find a motorxe đạp và driver, a scooter xe taxi khổng lồ take you from Danang to Hoi An. As there were four of us this was impractical & dangerous. If you’re looking for further information on Hoi An we have guides khổng lồ Hoi An with kids, Hoi An Food and Restaurants, và Hoi An Markets. We were also living in Hoi An during the floods, we can tell you all about Hoi An during flooding.

Most holidaymakers or backpackers heading lớn Hoi An will have to lớn arrive sầu via Danang, either from the airport or train station. This post aims lớn make that journey easier for you. Getting lớn Danang from Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh) is easy, there is a sleeper train or, obviously, you could fly. We have sầu a full post on this journey too.

Private Transfers From Danang (City, Airport or Railway Station) to Hoi An

This is a typical oto used for private transfers between Danang & Hoi An.

Both the quickest và most luxurious way lớn travel between Danang & Hoi An is a private transfer. This gives you total control in both time and vehicle type. Whether you’re a group of 4 or alone, you can tailor your journey to lớn suit you. Want a fancy car? Simple pay a little extra và specify what you want. Transfers can be booked and paid in advance so that you can be met as you step out of the airport or railway station and delivered straight to your hotel. No worrying about finding a xe taxi, local money or explaining the destination address.

Private transfers are the most expensive sầu way but give sầu peace of mind và mean that your holiday gets off to lớn the best possible start. I’d recommend private transfers if this is your first time in a destination và your time is limited.

You can also use private transfers to explore further field such as up to lớn Hue via Hai Van Pass and the DMZ. Finding a great trustworthy hire car & driver can make the difference between a great or bad holiday. To find a private transport book here.

Public Taxis Danang- Hoi An (& Cost)

The very visible bright yellow FaiFoo taxis are based up in Danang but vì drive all over the region.

In most Asian destinations you’ll be tripping over taxis. This is true in both Danang International Airport and Danang Railway Station. All taxis are metered and you’ll need khổng lồ make sure that the drivers use their meters.

If they refuse just leave and get another xe taxi. I’ve not had a xe taxi refuse lớn use their meter in nearly 6 months, but it can happen, particularly on public holidays lượt thích Tet.

There are 3 main xe taxi companies in the region và prices are very similar as are their standards.

Mai Linh xe taxi company has green taxis và the drivers normally wear a Trắng và green jacket.Faifoo taxis are yellow with Faifoo written down the side of each vehicle. VinaSun is another big company that operates across Danang & Hoi An và uses trắng cars with red and green arrows in a circle as their hình ảnh.

The price from Danang Airport is between 350,000 Dong- 450,000 Dong ($15-$20US) depending on where your hotel is located. It is a similar price from Danang Railway Station although it will depover on the time of day và traffic as you’ll need lớn drive through Danang first until you get khổng lồ the coast road or inl& highway.

Mai Linh Taxi company has a heavy presence in Hoi An và in Danang. They are practically

The benefit of taking a xe taxi is you can show up & jump in the first one & go. Especially if you’re not sure of when you’ll arrive sầu and don’t lượt thích making prearranged plans.

The downside is that it can be more expensive sầu than organising a car before you arrive sầu và you’ll need local currency lớn pay for the journey. Keep your wits about you especially if you have just arrived in the country. Taxis the world over have been known to lớn drive the ‘long’ way lớn the destination so make sure they think you know exactly where you are and where your destination is. A Mobile phone with maps open on your lap is great for this.

Public Bus Between Danang and Hoi An

One of the recognisable yellow buses that operate in Danang and down lớn Hoi An. Cheap và cheerful but certainly not luxury & harder with luggage.

The pubic bus from Danang khổng lồ Hoi An is route 1 & departs và arrives 1 bloông chồng over from the railway station. The buses are small và if you have a lot of luggage it could be problematic. With a small bag, it is OK. On leaving the railway station just walk straight out and along the road leading directly away from the station. At the first mix of lights, there is a T junction. The bus runs along this road first road.

The signs are written in Vietnamese but are easy enough to read and the number 1 is large & on the front of the bus. It will drive through Danang đô thị và then take the inlvà road down to lớn Hoi An Bus Station. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic và the cost is 30,000 Dong ($1.25US). If your bag takes a seat up you’ll be expected lớn pay for that as well.

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Hoi An Bus Station is located 2 km lớn the centre of the old town although there are plenty of taxis here to lớn take you khổng lồ a khách sạn or destination of your choice. It’s certainly walkable.

From Danang International Airport there isn’t a bus directly to Hoi An. You could catch the bus that goes past the airport (it doesn’t enter the airport complex) và change buses or walk approximately 1 km inkhổng lồ town & piông chồng up the bus from there. Alternatively, you could catch a taxi lớn the bus stop. Unless you’re really trying khổng lồ save as much as possible I wouldn’t catch a bus from the airport as the hassle isn’t worth the saved money. If there are 4 people the two buses or bus/xe taxi won’t save you at all.

Uber or Grab Taxis in Central Vietnam

Uber & Grab are operational in both Danang & Hoi An. You should have no trouble finding either in both the airport & the railway station. Just make sure you have the app loaded onkhổng lồ your phone. You’ll also need data if the airport WiFi isn’t working.

Grab is the bigger company và slightly cheaper. Based in Singapore it allows taxis to lớn use Grab as well as the normal taxis service. This means your Grab could be a normal xe taxi that is ‘moonlighting’ legally as a private service.

They also have sầu motorbike Grab if you’re alone và this is significantly cheaper. I’ve sầu seen numerous backpackers with bags on their baông xã take this service. Grab should provide a helmet for the pillion passenger but be warned the quality of helmets in Vietphái nam isn’t up lớn international standards. Accidents on the road here are 3-4 times that of Europe, especially on two wheels.

I’ve not had much luông xã using Grab và prefer Uber where I find the cars are of a higher standard. Uber has also started using motorxe đạp pickups alongside its Uber X & Uber SUV for larger families or luggage. I haven’t used UberBike yet so I can’t bình luận on their service but imagine that it is similar lớn Grab. All bike riders need a helmet by law so I imagine they provide this lượt thích Grab.

The price is very dependent on the time of day and demvà. This is how Uber và Grab operate across the globe and while I noticed that during New Year there was no price surge (Vietnamese don’t celebrate NYE) during Tet it was either massively inflated or just unavailable.

As an example, the fares from Danang Airport khổng lồ Hoi An at 1400 hours were 165,000 Dong ($7.50 US) for an Uber Bike and 350,000 Dong ($14 US) for an Uber X. The SUV was about $2 US more.

Shuttle Transfers khổng lồ Hoi An from Danang

Shuttle buses are perfect for larger groups who don’t mind sharing. While not as frequent & not direct, the cost reflects this. Shuttle buses will normally only stop a few times to lớn pick up và drop off other passengers in Hoi An. Unfortunately with the increase in private hire companies this option is becoming less common as it is often cheaper to just book a whole minibus for your group. To book shuttle buses và private buses clichồng here.

This is a typical shuttle bus that runs between Danang and Hoi An in both directions. You can also hire it out solely for your buổi tiệc nhỏ if you have large numbers.

This option isn’t readily available from Danang Railway Station at present and I doubt it will return anytime soon.

With so many options getting from Danang lớn Hoi An at multiple price points it really is as easy or hard as you make it. I’ve sầu done all of the above during my 6 months in Hoi An, from both the airport và railway station và enjoyed them all. Take your pichồng and enjoy the ride.

If you’re time short and want to fly from Ho Chi Minc thành phố you can kiểm tra out options here. It isn’t as nice as the train but it is much quicker. Just note that you’ll need lớn get from Danang International Airport down to Hoi An as there isn’t an airport in Hoi An. See the above for your options.

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I’ve written a post on how to lớn avoid scams in Vietnam giới, transport across Vietphái mạnh & what is illegal in Vietnam. Read the post here to lớn see this & other Vietphái nam travel tips.