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Start và end in Hanoi! With the Hiking & Trekking tour Vietnam North-East Adventure tour lớn Lang Son, Cao Bang, Bac Kan, you have a 10 days tour package taking you through Hanoi, Vietnam và 3 other destinations in Vietnam. Vietnam North-East Adventure tour khổng lồ Lang Son, Cao Bang, Bac Kan includes accommodation in a khách sạn as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.
IntroductionDay 1: Arrival – Hanoi Sightseeing ToursDay 2: Sightseeing Tours khổng lồ Lang Son – Trekking Tours lớn Na Pang Village (That Khe) via Lang SonDay 3: That Khe Trekking Tours lớn Na Pang Village – Pac vùng Village – Homestay ToursDay 4: Pac vùng Village Trekking Adventure Tours khổng lồ Dong Khe & Na Nieng Village – Homestay Tours at Pac khoang VillageDay 5: na Nieng Village Trekking tours lớn La Village – Homestay Tour at La VillageDay 6: La Village Trekking Tours to lớn Ta Lung – Cao Bang Adventure ToursDay 7: Cao Bang Adventure Tours to ba Be National Park.Day 8: Kayaking Tours in tía Be National ParkDay 9: ba Be National Park Adventure Tours khổng lồ HanoiDay 10: Hanoi – Departure
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At the early start, DNQ travel was a small local tour operator for individual travellers khổng lồ visit Vietnam in focuses on Vietnam Sightseeing Tours, Vietnam Family Tours, Sapa Tours, Halong Cruise Tours, Vietnam Culinary Tours, Vietnam Adventure Tours và Vietnam Honeymoon Tours và has since rapidly grown with the expansion of its touring activities over the border to lớn Laos with Laos Sightseeing Tours, Laos Adventure Tours, Laos Family Tours then Cambodia with Cambodia Family Tours – Cambodia Sightseeing Tours – Angkor Wat Tours – Cambodia Honeymoon Tours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are there for you! If you have any questions about this tour, then please don"t hesitate to tương tác us 24/7 and we will get back khổng lồ you latest within 2 hours!

As a traveller from USA, Canada you will need an adaptor for types C, E, F, G. As a traveller from England you will need an adaptor for types A, B, C, E, F. As a traveller from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa you will need an adaptor for types A, B, C, E, F, G.

These are only indications, so please visit your doctor before you travel to lớn be 100% sure. Typhoid - Recommended for Vietnam. Ideally 2 weeks before travel. Hepatitis A - Recommended for Vietnam. Ideally 2 weeks before travel. Cholera - Recommended for Vietnam. Ideally 2 weeks before travel. Tuberculosis - Recommended for Vietnam. Ideally 3 months before travel. Hepatitis B - Recommended for Vietnam. Ideally 2 months before travel. Rabies - Recommended for Vietnam. Ideally 1 month before travel. Yellow fever - Certificate of vaccination required if arriving from an area with a risk of yellow fever transmission for Vietnam. Ideally 10 days before travel. Japanese B encephalitis - Recommended for Vietnam. Ideally 1 month before travel.
Unfortunately we cannot offer you a visa application service. Whether you need a visa or not depends on your nationality và where you wish lớn travel. Assuming your trang chủ country does not have a visa agreement with the country you"re planning to lớn visit, you will need khổng lồ apply for a visa in advance of your scheduled departure. Here is an indication for which countries you might need a visa. Please liên hệ the local embassy for help applying for visas lớn these places.

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For any tour departing before April 12th, 2023 a full payment is necessary. For tours departing after April 12th, 2023, a minimum payment of 20% is required to confirm your booking with DNQ Travel. The final payment will be automatically charged lớn your credit thẻ on the designated due date. The final payment of the remaining balance is required at least 50 days prior khổng lồ the departure date of your tour. never charges you a booking fee and will charge you in the stated currency. Some departure dates and prices may vary và DNQ Travel will liên hệ you with any discrepancies before your booking is confirmed. The following cards are accepted for "DNQ Travel" tours: Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. does NOT charge you an extra fee for using any of these payment methods.