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Please tương tác us lớn kiểm tra "" Seat availability , piông xã up time from your location, to lớn take the right bus & get the real price "



Dalat to lớn Ho Chi Minch City 

From 01 March 2020 lớn 29 April 2020 please tương tác us khổng lồ check for bus ticket price.

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Bus type: Comfortable VIP đôi mươi private cabins big sleeper coach , spacious leg room, high tốc độ WIFI, massage seat: lengt 2,00 meter, wide 62 centimet .

Pichồng up time: from 45 minutes before departure time at your khách sạn within 5 km from Dalat City Center.

Departure time: 11:15 AM, 13:15 (01:15 PM), 23:15 ( 11:15 PM), 23:45 ( 11:45 PM).

Piông xã up time from hotelDeparture timeArrival time
10:15 AM11:15 AM18:15 (06:15 PM)
12:15 (12:15 PM)13:15 (01:15 PM)19:15 (07:15 PM)
22:15 (10:15 PM)23:15 (11:15 PM)06:15 AM
23:30 (11:30 PM)23:45 (11:45 PM)06:45 AM

Duration: 7 hours.

1 rest-stops on the way.

Rest- stop: MADAGUILE rest stop, after 150 km from Dalat, stop in 30 minutes.

Arrival place:  PHAM NGU LAO street, DISTRICT 1, HO CHI MINH CITY

Ticket price: 400,000 VND per person 

Please tương tác us khổng lồ kiểm tra seat availability & seat number before book online.

The price valid from 01 March 20đôi mươi lớn 29 April 20trăng tròn is applied for online booking or directly purchase at our office.

Please note that all online credit transactions are subject khổng lồ a 3% surcharge with all cards .

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Office working time : 07:00 AM to lớn 17:00 PM (UTC+7)

Online working time: 07:00 AM lớn 21:00 PM (UTC+7)

Booking process: After checking the seat availability, we will hold the seat you select in normally in 1 hour or with the commitment time. You can send us an gmail to request an online payment liên kết or pay directly at our trang web by cliông chồng lớn the button "book your ticket" & follows the process lớn pay by credit thẻ. Once payment has been received, the bus ticket will be issued immediately, và therefore cannot be refunded. Confirmation will be sent khổng lồ you within 24 hours.

If you can not book và pay online mix by our trang web, please skết thúc us your request to our tin nhắn address at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Enclosed with the required of buyer information as follows:- Buyer full name:- Buyer email address:- Buyer nationality:- Buyer city:- Buyer state/ province:- Buyer phone number;After we kiểm tra the availability, then we will reply to your email enclosed with payment link by credit thẻ under buyer name.

The online payment links is valid with committed time inform by tin nhắn.After we received your payment then we send the confirmation và voucher to lớn you.

What passengers need to lớn do before departure:

- Passenger are recommended to lớn be at the meeting point for piông xã up at least 45 minutes before departure.

- Each passenger can carry on board a không tính tiền baggage of maximum weight of 20 kilogam.

- Ticket refund và change should be made before departure at least 24 hours. in case of group tickets, only ticket refund is permitted và should be made at least 24 hours before departure. refund và change fare are applied.

- Passengers are considered as proper e- Ticket owners with valid Boarding Pass và travel/ identification document such as ID card with pholớn, receipt, bus ticket or confirmation of services by gmail.

- Bus company does not check bags over its routes. There is no liability for unchecked baggage and personal belongings. Customers should keep their personal belongings, especially valuables such as cell phones, tablets, laptops & medications in their possession at all times.

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Special Notice: - Holidays are subject for an additional surcharge, due khổng lồ special holidays và you must book at least 10 working days in advance; 2019 Vietnamese Holidays, New Year"s Day: January 1st - January 4th, Spring Festival (Tet Holiday) : January 21 st - February 14th.- For holidays booking “the mặc định price “ phối by online booking payment is concerned as the deposit of the service if you bởi the online payment và the additional charge will be pay directly to our driver or at our office before using the services.- Please, contact us lớn get the price & checking for available seat.- Apart from the above mentioned, the price is considered as normal price.

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