Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (Bmihms) : Rankings, Fees & Courses Details


Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, the No.1 ranked hotel management school in nước Australia and APAC, is proud to lớn be part of Torrens University.

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Your career in hospitality starts here

For three decades, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University nước Australia has been offering globally recognised degrees. Our reputation is backed by a rich, ongoing connection with world-leading five-star hotels. Offering a collaborative sầu và innovative sầu learning environment, we prepare students for opportunities in hospitality anywhere on the planet.

Industry experts

Learn from the most passionate & skilled leaders in the industry.

Workplace ready

Learn five-star skills attending lớn real guests in iconic hotels.

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Learn in a simulated hotel environment

Undergo practical experience at Nesuto Leura Gardens Hotel, a fully operational khách sạn.

These courses are delivered by Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University Australia

Our courses are designed with the input đầu vào of our industry partners, to ensure you’re only developing skills that can be directly applied to your hotel & hospitality career.

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Course overview

A Bachelor of Business in International Hotel và Resort Management provides the knowledge và skills necessary lớn manage an hotel, a resort or an accommodation-based business anywhere in the world. Our live sầu on campus hands-on program provides experience in all aspects of day-to-day operations, including guest relations, housekeeping, food và beverage, & hotel management.

Course overview

A Master of International Hotel Management helps you develop specialised knowledge in khách sạn operations within a global context. You’ll develop future leadership qualities and attributes, and gain key knowledge on cultural awareness, business communications, professional use of social media & grooming standards. This postgraduate course is designed for professionals looking khổng lồ progress their careers in hospitality and khách sạn management.

Course overview

An MBA International Hotel Management course provides the knowledge, skills & qualities required lớn move sầu inlớn a senior leadership position in hospitality và hotels. Over two years, this course builds key knowledge in operations & management while developing you to be influential, adaptable, resilient and progressive.

Love sầu the way you learn

Your first day at Torrens University nước Australia is a leap towards getting the career you dream of. Our supportive approach to learning is designed to give sầu students hands-on experience in world-class hotels. You’ll not only get the chance lớn forge the career of a lifetime, you’ll have everything you need lớn love sầu every moment of the experience.


Ben Everingham

Bachelor of Business (International Hotel và Resort Management)

“Completing my industry placements at two different brands – a resort and five-star hotel – was so beneficial. It allowed me to lớn experience the key differences between them.”