The majority of traditional markets và small shophouses are the best places lớn go shopping in Hanoi, but there are also an increasing number of independent boutiques & shopping centers that provide a variety of foreign brands, as well as food và entertainment alternatives. The best shopping in Hanoi is that you may complete the entire process on foot because so many streets are devoted to particular industries.

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If you are a shopaholic, surely you cannot ignore the shopping places in Hanoi below! Let's find out with apartment for rent in HanoiProperty Plus!

1. Shopping places in Hanoi - Hang tua Street

Address: Hang gai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Hang sợi Street is next lớn Hoan Kiem Lake, known as the busiest street in Hanoi. It is famous for silk goods, tailoring, and handmade souvenirs. Recently, shops in Hang gai also sell more colorful items such as Cu Thanh selling fabrics, Hoa Silk selling silk scarves, De Maison specializing in accessories và souvenirs, etc.


Hang sợi Ward - Known as the busiest street in Hanoi

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2. Shopin Hanoi - Hang Bac Street(Silver Street)

Address: Hang Bac Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.This is called "Atmospheric street specialising in jewellery".

Hang Bac Street is located in the Old Quarter area. It t is famous for the jewelry industry. This is also one of the shopping places in Hanoi that is preferred by many foreigners. If you have the opportunity khổng lồ visit Hang Bac, you will be surprised because there are hundreds of glass cabinets displaying beautiful gold & silver jewelry, with unique designs, handcrafted from the hands of the most famous jeweler in Hang Bac.


Shopping places in Hanoi - Hang Bac Street

In addition, visitors can also go lớn Hang Bac street to enjoy many delicious dishes such as: doner kebab triangle bread, Bami Bread, molded cake, vermicelli, mixed tea, Khuc Bach tea, drift cake, jackfruit yogurt, etc.

3. Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market

Address: Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.Opening time: From 18h00 lớn 23h00 on 3 weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is held on 3 weekends, xuất hiện for sale from 18h00 lớn 23h00 every day, with nearly 4000 stalls stretching from Hang Dao street lớn Dong Xuan market gate. Visitors can come here to lớn visit, have fun, or cửa hàng for cheap items such as shirts, pants, handicrafts, accessories, bags, shoes, souvenirs, etc.


The Old Quarter Night Market is a bustling shopping destination in Hanoi on weekends

Not only a shopping place in Hanoi, but the old town night market is also a dining paradise with a wide variety of dishes, from pure Vietnamese dishes lớn Korean or Asian - European dishes. In particular, every Saturday night, there will be performances of Vietnamese folk art such as cheo, quan tiền ho, ca tru, etc. At the two ends of the street.

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4. Dong Xuan Market

Address: 15 Cau Dong, Dong Xuan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.Opening time: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm (only the food court in the market lane will operate until dawn the next morning).

Dong Xuan Market is located in the Old Quarter, opened in 1889. This is one of the largest wholesale markets of the capital, providing a full range of items from food, accessories, clothing, electronics equipment, home appliances lớn souvenirs.


Dong Xuan Market is one of the largest wholesale markets of the capital.

Foreign guests who wish khổng lồ buy souvenirs for their families và friends can go khổng lồ the upper floor of the market. Here, all kinds of bags và handicrafts are sold at affordable prices. In addition, visitors can also go khổng lồ shops around the market khổng lồ buy Dong Ho paintings, Bat Trang ceramics, sand paintings, etc. For the gift.

5. Hang Leather Market

Address: Cua Dong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.Opening time: 05h00 - 20h00.

Although Hang domain authority market is smaller in scale than Dong Xuan market, it is a retail market. It offers a wider range of products, with a segment from affordable to high-end, including fresh food, vegetables, clothing, & fabrics, shoes, accessories, votive goods, alcohol, confectionery, etc.


Hang domain authority Market is one of the shopping places in Hanoi that tourists can visit

6. Today's Market

Address: 79 Hue Street, Hai bố Trung, Hanoi.Opening time: From Monday lớn Friday: 06h00 - 18h00, Sunday, open from 06h00 - 21h00.

When it comes to lớn shopping places in Hanoi, it is indispensable for Hom market. This is a place to sell all kinds of fabrics, clothes và accessories. In particular, Hom market is the second-largest fabric business in Hanoi, not only with a variety of designs but also with quality. Visitors can come here khổng lồ buy fabrics to lớn make clothes, curtains, blankets, etc. With prices ranging from affordable to high-end.

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Hom Market is a shopping place in Hanoi, the second largest fabric business in the capital.

In addition, on the ground floor of the market, there are many kinds of food, fruit, seafood, meat, fish, etc. If you have the opportunity, you should try this shopping place in Hanoi once to lớn experience it.

7. Lotte Center Hanoi

Address: No. 54 Lieu Giai, Cong Vi ward, tía Dinh district, Hanoi.Opening time: 09h30 - 22h00.

Lotte Center is a large commercial center in Hanoi, also the 3rd tallest building in Vietnam (after Landmark 81 and Keangnam Landmark). The building has a total of 65 floors, inspired by the kiến thiết of the Vietnamese Ao dai image. The commercial center is located on the 1st to 6th floors of the building, with many stalls of famous brands such as Elise, Lacoste, Balenciaga, Fendi, Celine, etc. This is popular shopping mall in cha Dinh.


Lotte Center is a shopping place in Hanoi that is rated as having the best service in Vietnam

Lotte Center is a shopping destination in Hanoi that is rated as having the best service in Vietnam because of its friendliness when picking up guests, a stroller for children lớn make it easier for the family khổng lồ go shopping, arrangement of seats or a shopping mall, and to charge phones for customers, etc.

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8. Trang Tien Plaza

Address: No. 24 Hai bố Trung, Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.Opening time: From Monday lớn Thursday: 09:30 - 21:30, from Friday to Sunday: 09:30 - 22:00.

Trang Tien Plaza is located in the heart of the city, next to the Hanoi Post Office, Opera House, Hoan Kiem Lake, etc. One of the most high-class commercial centers in Hanoi with more than 200 booths of world-famous brands such as Dior, Valentino, Chanel, Gucci, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, etc. This is "Shopping mall in Hanoi’s French Quarter".


Trang Tien Plaza is chosen by many foreigners as a shopping destination in Hanoi

9. Aeon Mall Long Bien

Address: No. 27 co Linh, Long Bien, Hanoi.Opening time: From Monday to lớn Friday: 10:00 - 22:00, from Saturday khổng lồ Sunday: 09:00 khổng lồ 22:00.

Aeon Mall Long Bien is the first Japanese standard shopping center in Hanoi in the capital. With a total area of up khổng lồ 120,000m2, Aeon Mall Long Bien is designed with 4 floors, the 1st floor is the fashion, sports, department, supermarket, etc. The 2nd floor is the lifestyle, mother và baby area, etc. The 3rd floor is the restaurant, food court, & the 4th floor is the cinema và amusement & entertainment area.


Shopping places in Hanoi - Aeon Mall Long Bien

Although only opened in 2015, Aeon Mall Long Bien has become the "hottest" shopping destination in the capital, attracting millions of visitors every day. If tourists have shopping và entertainment needs, they can go to Aeon Mall Long Bien.

10. Vincom Mega Mall Time City

Address: 458 minh khai Street, Vinh Phu, Hai bố Trung, HanoiOpening time: 08h00 - 22h00.

Vincom Mega Mall Time thành phố is also one of the shopping places in Hanoi that are loved by many foreigners. This is an underground commercial center, with dozens of large và small stalls, selling fashion items, furniture, accessories, cosmetics, etc. Of major brands in the world.


Shopping places in Hanoi - Vincom Mega Mall Time City

Vincom Mega Mall Time đô thị also attracts many tourists to lớn visit and shop because there are amusement parks (Vinpearl Aquarium, Vinke educational amusement park, CGV cinema), a food court with nearly 100 restaurants, etc.

An ideal place to visit the whole đô thị when coming to Hanoi

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