Where To Stay In Hoi An, Vietnam → 4 Best Areas For Tourists


Looking for where khổng lồ stay in Hoi An? Here’s a quick và easy guide khổng lồ finding your best accommodation & homestay in Hoi An. You’ll find lots lớn love about this charming ancient old town for your holiday.

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Claiming a UNESCO World Heritage City, Hoi An is home to a well-preserved ancient town, heritage houses & pagodas, & colonial structures. It’s the perfect destination for holiday & you can spend days exploring Hoi An’s charming streets, lively night markets, cultural sights, và mouth-watering local cuisine. It’s quite easy lớn get overwhelmed in this charming town so choose your home base wisely.

As a first-time visitor lớn Hoi An, finding the ideal accommodation to stay in is crucial for an enjoyable holiday. From quaint guesthouses for backpackers, cozy friendly homestays, & mid-range hotels lớn luxury five-star riverside hotels with an amazing views. The town has a vast range of accommodation options to lớn suit any budget. That’s where our quick and easy neighborhood guide comes in – here’s where to stay in Hoi An.

To help you decide on the best place to lớn stay, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of where lớn stay in Hoi An.

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Where khổng lồ Stay in Hoi An – Quick Guide

You must stay overnight & spend some time experiencing the colorful and vibrant little town. What you’ll have lớn decide when looking for where to stay in Hoi An is whether you want to lớn stay in the Old Town area or by the beach.

Here are quick recommendations to lớn help you choose where to lớn stay in Hoi An.

If it’s your first trip lớn Hoi An, stay in Old Town Area.

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This is the most central location and the perfect base for you khổng lồ explore as much of Hoian as possible. It is closest lớn many of Hoi An’s top attractions and everything can be reached on foot.

If you’re looking to chill at the beach, stay in Cam An. It’s home to An Bang beach, about 6 km from the ancient town. This is where you’ll find Hoi An’s most beautiful white sand beach, as well as chic cafés, restaurants, and bars. It’s also the place to lớn look for a luxurious stay as the city’s finest establishments all want a piece of this beautiful beach.

Old Town Area

If you want to lớn make the most of your stay & see as much of the city, stay in Hoi An old town. The ancient old town is a historic & cultural heart of Hoi An. It’s trang chủ to plenty of shops, cafes, street vendors, and restaurants as well. So it is the best base for travelers looking to shop, relax, as well as savor delectable local Vietnamese cuisines.

Staying in the ancient town, meaning you probably won’t need to bởi vì much walking since most of the city’s top attractions are located here. After sunset, the old town area comes to life in full màu sắc when the lanterns are lit on which illuminating the street into an ancient fairy tale.

Tribee gớm Hostel

Tribee khiếp Hostel & Bar is the best place to lớn stay in Hoi An if you are on a budget và wish khổng lồ know more people. It is an amazing hostel with lots of activities such as street food tours, xe đạp tours, Karaoke, & other options in the bar like không lấy phí drinks for guests.

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The hostel is a good place khổng lồ meet people. Besides, the staffs are friendly và willing lớn help with everything you need.