Coming lớn a small resort town for getting some rest most tourists prefer long sunbathing on a beach, taking several sightseeing tours, or visiting museums. But there’s another kind of holiday-makers whose goal is to lớn have lots of fun. Having in mind vacationers who consider sleep being their main obstacle for good vacation we prepared a small danh mục of places of Nha Trang with boiling nightlife.

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Entertainment in Nha Trang

The resort industry in Vietphái nam started lớn develop rather recently, & the small town Nha Trang has become its, so lớn say epicenter. It’s quite worth seeing both at night & by day.

When it starts getting darker hundreds of lights và dozens of neon signboards come lớn life. DJs adjust their equipment to make the night especially vivid và hot. Barmen set their drinks & cocktails lớn make visitors happy và joyful. The nightlife of Nha Trang can nicely surprise with its diversity even very picky critics.

Depending on your mood you can spend a night at a nice quiet bar with some calm background music or, on the contrary, to dance until you drop at one of the nearest nightclubs.

Sports lovers will definitely get their shelter at sports bars where they’ll find exceptionally tasty beer và lots of TVs showing the matches of their interest.

For hookah smokers & lovers of its sweet haze, Nha Trang has prepared several excellent opportunities.

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You’ll also find some places where it’s possible khổng lồ spover a night playing the “Mafia” or the “Crocodile” games, and It’s not necessary to lớn have a company of friends with you as someone like-minded can always be found at such places.


The venue possesses everything you need to lớn have a wonderful time, including friendly staff, excellent cocktails, billiard table, & lively music. The staff members can speak at least English and Russian, what makes communication easier as the bar is popular with Russian và European tourists.

The lounge is situated on the 5-th floor of the Havana hotel. At Friday nights, there’s a special action và girls coming khổng lồ the lounge get one free cocktail. The venue provides excellent catering và drinks, while their delicious burgers are worth a special praise. Every day from 17.00 until 22.00, you can get two cocktails for the price of one. An extra advantage of the lounge is the possibility khổng lồ order a hookah. The atmosphere in the bar resembles one in the bars of Indian resorts. At night hours you’ll be listening to the sounds of some electronic music.

Quite often to lớn the visitors’ joy, the lounge holds parties và thematic events with bands performing live. The price range is quite acceptable and is not going lớn hit your pocket.

Lunar Lounge

A bar with a pool on the roof of a hotel

It is an especially memorable bar with a lagoon pool inside. The venue isn’t overcrowded so here you can have a rest from noise & rush of the streets. The menu is rather varied & includes dishes of international cuisine with prices going from 8 khổng lồ 12 USD.

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Hookah bars

If you are not a lover of noisy và crowded nightclubs or bars và if you don’t lượt thích khiêu vũ, you can have sầu a walk along the Nguyễn Thiện Thuậ or the Tran Quang Khai street. Here you can come across two tens of entertainment venues with acceptable prices. Every one of them is unique in its own way, but we’d like lớn tell you about hookah bars where you could smoke a good hookah & spkết thúc a pleasurable time sitting there when most restaurants are already closed.