Just about anytoàn thân over the age of 20 can remember the United States Army’s khẩu hiệu, “Be All You Can Be”.

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Some of you just read those words and the catchy jingle is in your head right now.“Be…all that you can be…in the Arrrrrrrrrmmmmmy!”

That khẩu hiệu was so good; the Army didn’t change it for 21 years.

If your life had a slogan…what would it be?If your work had a slogan…what would that be?

Are they different?Should they be different?

I haven’t been around long enough khổng lồ answer these questions definitively. In truth, I believe there are as many answers to these questions as there are people under the sun.

But let’s just presume everyone’s life slogan was that old Army slogan; “Be All You Can Be”.

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How different would your life be?How different would the world be?

Imagine living to your fullest potential…without the handicap of fear. You display courage despite your insecurities. You pursue your dreams with a relentless fervor.

Now, don’t get me wrong…fear is still there, but it doesn’t handicap you.Your insecurities exist, but they don’t damper your spirit and devour your motivation.Your dreams still have walls và barriers around them, but you’ll scrape out the mortar between the stones with your fingernails to lớn get khổng lồ them.

That’s being all you can be for the army of me or we

Walking through the mall this weekover I was approached by a young man who was employed to lớn sell cellphone accessories. His sales pitch was horrible. I mean downright awful. It lacked the entire luster it would need khổng lồ at the very least, make me believe, he believed it himself.

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He was ineffective because he was miserable…he didn’t want to lớn be there…he didn’t want to lớn sell…he dreaded rejection và every last one of his interactions with a potential customer.

As I walked away I felt a pit in my stomach for him. I felt it for me. I felt it for anyone who isn’t being all they can be in every way!

I am going baông chồng this week khổng lồ give sầu hyên this thought. I hope he reads it. I hope it will change his life. I hope it will change yours. I hope it continues lớn change mine, so I can stay inspired; it’s a lifestyle choice!

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