Finding an ideal family-friendly resort in Ke Ga does not have khổng lồ be difficult. Welcome khổng lồ Kega Lighthouse Resort, a nice option for travelers like you. Rooms at Kega Lighthouse Resort offer a refrigerator, air conditioning, và a minibar providing exceptional comfort and convenience, & guests can go online with miễn phí wifi. Room service and a concierge are some of the conveniences offered at this resort. A pool & breakfast will also help to lớn make your stay even more special. If you are driving to lớn Kega Lighthouse Resort, không lấy phí parking is available. Ke Ga is also home lớn Ke Ga Light house, a popular lighthouse that is not too far from Kega Lighthouse Resort. Kega Lighthouse Resort looks forward lớn welcoming you on your visit to lớn Ke Ga.

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My fammily stayed at Baumai Apricot last week. The resort is big và there are many many of coconut. The sea is private & clean. It is great lớn see sunrise. I spent almost my time here lớn enjoy the fishing at a very large và peaceful fishing pool.

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Staying here was one of the creepiest experiences of my life. My husb& & I are motorcycling through Vietphái mạnh và stopped her for an overnight on our way to lớn Mui Ne. We walked in, và they quoted us a price of $40USD for a standard double. When we showed them that was quoting $26, they wouldn't budge and insisted we go outside và book on Agoda first. This seemed rather stupid to lớn me, as they would make less due to lớn Agoda's cut. Anyway, this place is about 30-40 minutes south of Phan Thiet và in the middle of nowhere. There are a bunch of other resorts nearby, và they all seemed lớn be empty, including ours. In fact, the resort looks khổng lồ be about 75 or so rooms, và we were the ONLY people staying there. We did not see one other soul besides staff. There is a beach area, but the sea was very rough và the shore rocky - not good for swimming. There is a beachside bar/restaurant, but the bar is empty and unstocked - when we sat down for a beer, the girl looked confused as khổng lồ why we would order something. Turned out, she actually ran a drinks/ice cream st& across the street. Bizarre. The pool was clean & nice, but the bathrooms nearby were unfinished, và looked as if they had been for awhile. There are two pool tables near the pool, & they are in wretched condition và covered in bird poop. The restaurant was also huge (est. capacity of 100+) and also completely empty. Worried about the freshness of the food, we ordered fried shrimp and pork spring rolls. They were clearly frozen, sliông xã w/ grease, & tasted very fishy. They were also burning a huge pile of refuse và garbage right next the hotel, clouding the air with smoke, which wafted inlớn our room. Overall, if you are looking for a beach vacation, the price here may be tempting, but avoid at all costs. The whole place has a post-apocalyptic abandoned feel, & even the staff seem sad.…