Going in low season, the whole resort has no ghost but the price is not cheap. Reputation of the resort that makes the campus the same as the preschool & the strange aesthetic taste. The pool did not dare to go down because there were too many outside students, but a bit. Looks like you got in there without taking a bath. In addition, for example, if the customers have few buffet breakfast, it is okay but the food is poor, the staff are not professional, the seafood sells twice as much as the big shops outside. Rooms are more lượt thích motels. Overall not worth the money, bored, nothing to play.

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u Tn L.

/ 10
28 May 2019
Family vacation
The room is large and clean, but the mattress is too soft, so the sleeping is subsidence causing back pain, enthusiastic staff. The beach is clean but in the season jellyfish should bathe or itch. Comfortable swimming pool & clean treatment. Will be back!

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/ 10
06 May 2019
Business travel
Clean, worthwhile Resort Ba, will come back again.
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Truc T.
/ 10
05 Jul 2018
The space is quite good, the room is clean but the staff và the service way are not professional.
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Thanh H. N.
/ 10
13 May 2018
Beautiful resort, cool, clean room. Cheap delicious food. Suitable for group travel.
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Ha Tran M. T.
/ 10
06 Sep 2017
Family vacation
The menu is not diverse and plentiful. The beach is not clean và hygienic. Staff vì not have professional customer service attitude.
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Accommodation Policies
Check-in/Check-out Time
From 14:00
Before 12:00
General Check-in Instructions
Trẻ em từ 6 tuổi trở lên rất có thể bị phụ chi phí (nếu có) và giao dịch tại vị trí lưu trú. Rất nhiều khách từ 12 tuổi trở lên là tính như tín đồ lớn và giao dịch phí phụ thu tại khu vực lưu trú. Children from 6 years old and older may be charged an additional fee (if any) và will be charged directly at the accommodation. Guests 12 years old and older are considered as an adult and will be charged at the accommodation.

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Hotel Description
Ba That Resort is located in area / đô thị Binh tung Ward.

There are plenty of tourist attractions nearby, such as Ta Kou Mountain within 20.05 km, & Ke Ga Lighthouse within 22.22 km.

About bố That Resort

Ba That Resort is highly recommended for backpackers who want khổng lồ get an affordable stay yet comfortable at the same time.

While traveling with friends can be a lot of fun, traveling solo has its own perks. As for the accommodation, bố That Resort is suitable for you who value privacy during your stay.

This resort is the best spot for you who desire a serene và peaceful getaway, far away from the crowds.

Ba That Resort is the smartest choice for you who are looking for affordable accommodation with outstanding service.

24-hours front desk is available lớn serve you, from check-in lớn check-out, or any assistance you need. Should you desire more, vì not hesitate lớn ask the front desk, we are always ready lớn accommodate you.

Savor your favorite dishes with special cuisines from ba That Resort exclusively for you.

WiFi is available within public areas of the property to lớn help you to lớn stay connected with family & friends.

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Ba That Resort is the ideal choice for you who are looking for a comfortable yet affordable accommodation.