Ba Na Hills is a well-known tourist destination of Da Nang đô thị. The hills are 35 km southwest of Da Nang City, located 1,500m above sea màn chơi, so the climate is extremely cool. This place is top highlights attracting thousands of tourists to Da Nang every year. If you are finding the information about Ba Na Hills, will introduce about this site, và kiểm tra it now.

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Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills – Photo lớn Van Dan
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What are the first highlights in Ba Na Hills?

Traveling to lớn Ba Na, you will feel the 4 different seasons in the same day. As early as in the morning is the spring with cool weather and the mist surrounding people; the sunny time of the noon like summer covers the hills but not too hot; chill in the afternoon; & at night, it will be cold like winter. This is a chất lượng thing too hard to lớn find where else, but Ba Na Hills has.Ba Na owns beautiful flower gardens. When visiting Ba Na Hills, you seem lớn stvà on White clouds because the hills are very high.Golden Bridge attracts thousands of tourists coming here to lớn enjoy the beauty of “heaven on the land”.A long cable car will give sầu you different feelings to see nature and mountains from above.

Best time khổng lồ visit Ba Na Hills

The best time to lớn travel to lớn Ba Na Hills is from March to September. It’s sunny with a clear và green sky, which is good lớn explore the nature of the mountains và taking pictures.

However, March lớn August is hot (sometimes 35- 39 degree), and there are has a lot of tourists because this time is Vietnamese tourist seasons, many schools have sầu long holidays during this time.

The time from September khổng lồ February is not hot, if you bởi vì not lượt thích crowded people, you can choose lớn travel to lớn Ba Na Hills during this time, but you should prepare for the rain & cloud at any time.

Ba Na Hills is one of the typical tourist areas in Vietphái mạnh where you can visit its beauty all year round, but you should choose a suitable time and conditions.

The road map to lớn visit Ba Na Hills

You travel from Da Nang City or Hoi An City lớn the oto parking & then come to the station at the foot of Ba Na Mountains khổng lồ buy the cable car tickets lớn go up the top of the hills. Most of the attractions, tourist sites to lớn visit, and games to play located in the mountains.

Map from Da Nang International Airport khổng lồ Ba mãng cầu Hills

First, you come up the cable oto No. 1 khổng lồ go lớn Linch Ung Pagodomain authority in Ba Na Hills. Then, return to the 2nd cable car route lớn the top of Morin, enter the amusement park. Next is walking to the top of the mountain, taking in the view of nature, if it is a clear day, with good eyes -:), you can see the whole thành phố of Da Nang.

Ba Na Hills Map – Screenshot from Banahills.Sunworld

Transportation khổng lồ travel to Ba Na Hills

As I said above sầu, Ba Na Hills is 35 km from the thành phố center of Da Nang. The road is lovely & convenient lớn move sầu, so you can travel to different kinds of transportation. The most useful means khổng lồ travel to Ba Na tourist area include Cars, taxi, motorbikes, grab, or shuttle bus. And, you can join the group tour khổng lồ visit Ba Na, but I do not recommover joining a group tour for luxury and people have sầu not much time to bởi.

Take a xe taxi or a private car

You can choose khổng lồ take a private car, including a taxi, grab or a tourist car, even hire a self-driving car (you must have a Vietnamese license to lớn drive).

But with taxis or grap, it is usually the most expensive because taxi prices in Da Nang are aước ao the highest rate in the country, so if you take a taxi, remember to lớn bargain the package price, bởi not count by km. Especially (as the same with Grab Taxi), waiting time while you visit Ba Na will cost you more.

A private car for you is most suitable with a luxury a personal journey. Most of the company often offers a package price with half day or full day, so you have peace in mind khổng lồ visit. Also, the attitude of the drivers of oto rental companies is trained well. You will feel better when traveling with them.

Use a motorcycle

This is a convenient, economical, and more suitable for young people. Although traveling with this vehicle is enjoyable, sầu always does not recommkết thúc the people who over 50 years old ride motorbike in Vietnam giới. This is a very adventurous transfer. When traveling lớn Ba Na Hills by motorcycle, you should start a little earlier, & study the route carefully to lớn avoid lost.

You should ask your khách sạn or travel agents, or liên hệ the đường dây nóng phone number of Ba Na Hills directly to lớn ask about booking cable car tickets because if the low season is okay, but if it’s a peak season, waiting for queuing to get tickets is also exhausting all the time, và wasting your time.

Join a group tour

A shuttle bus to Ba Na Hills with a group is another choice lớn move sầu. The bus will piông chồng you up from the khách sạn to lớn travel khổng lồ Ba Na Hills. The tour often supplies with a package, so the tour guide will buy tickets for you.

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Actually, I vì not like lớn travel with a group; I am a bạn of private travel. As you know, go with a group will limit the time because with the need to giới thiệu the time with others, và some activities we do not lượt thích, we have to lớn join with others. This way is just ordinary for reference because we do not recommover using for most foreign tourists.

Buy tickets to visit Ba Na Hills

Entrance tickets of Ba Na Hills. Photo: Ve Ba Na Hills

To visit Ba Na Hills as well as Golden Bridge in the hills, you have sầu to buy cable tickets to go up the top of the mountains. You can book it in advance with your travel agency, or you buy directly at the station at the foot of Ba Na Hills, near the oto parking.

At the weekends or during high tourist seasons (March khổng lồ August), buying tickets at the ticket counter has khổng lồ queue for a long time. If your family travels with children, queuing will make them feel tired. Therefore, you should book in advance through your travel agency or at the office of Ba Na Hills at 93 Nguyen Van Linc, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

Price of tickets:

Adults and children over 1.3m tall: 750,000 VND (including mountain climbing, wine cellar, not including Wax Museum). For Da Nang people: 450,000 VND.Children from 1m – 1m3 high: 650,000 VND. For Da Nang people: 500,000 VND.Children under 1 meter tall is miễn phí.

Note: For Da Nang people, they should carry the proof to lớn show, they are living và citizens of Da Nang City.

When you buy a ticket of the cable car khổng lồ Ba Na Hills (including return trip), it will include:

The price includes the entrance khổng lồ the tourist area.The price includes 10% VATThe price includes free most games in the Fantasy Park amusement park: 105 games và mythical Knight games (slide)Consists of the train fare khổng lồ visit Decất cánh Wine Tunnel, and Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden

Price does not include the entrance to lớn the Wax Museum, the game to lớn pitch teddy animals, và the carnival skills at Fantasy Park Amusement Park.

What to lớn see và vì chưng in Ba Na Hills

Get fun at Fantasy Park

With a total area of up khổng lồ 21,000m2, Fantasy Park is exciting entertainment for many games to bởi vì here. It’s really suitable for both adults and children. Many exciting và thrilling games include adventurous climbing, century roundabout, slide, ghost tunnel, or crashing king cars.

Experience the Mountain Train

From Decất cánh to lớn visit Decất cánh ancient cellar, Le Jardin d’amour flower garden and Linh Ung pagodomain authority, travelers will have a short trip on the Mountain Train designed by Garaventa Company (Switzerland).

The train can carry 80 people/cabin và move sầu on a cable line of over 400m. It can reach a tốc độ of 5m/s with the capacity of operating 1600 guests/1h. Running between the vast slopes, the climbing train will give visitors new feelings only when traveling to lớn Ba Na Hills.

Operation time is 8:00 am – 16:30pm, 1 trip every 15 minutes. Currently, cable oto tickets include mountain train tickets, so it’s free.

Visit the flower gardens of Le Jardin d’amour

This is definitely a beautiful place which most of the guests who want to take a picture will love sầu. This area has 9 gardens with many kinds of flowers with different topics including Vuon Mo – Dreamy Stream Garden, Vuong Ky Uc – Memorial Garden, Vuon Than Thoai nghiêm – Mythical Garden, Vuon Dia Dang – Eden Garden, Vuon Thieng – Sacred Garden, Vuon Nho – Vineyard, Vuon Uyen Uong – Happy Garden, Vuon Suy Tuong – Thinking Garden, and Vuon Bi An – Secret Garden. Each garden has its own beauty waiting for you to lớn explore!

Flower Garden in Ba Na Hills – Photo: Van Dan

With our experiences, when visiting flower gardens here, you should go to lớn the right of the gardens. You will be able lớn see a trắng cloud surrounded this area. If you st& there, take a picture like you are in heaven.

Conquer the top Ba Na Hills

The highest place of BA Na Hills is Lau Chuong – Bell Towner. This spot is probably the place you should not miss to lớn see all the attractions of Ba Na Hills. Standing on top, you will admire the whole beautiful scenery of the mountains.

With our experiences, we recommover you khổng lồ go up here from 11:00am (it’s hot), but many guests will come later so you can’t get up and take a beautiful picture of Ba Na Hill comfortably. And, if it’s a clear day, you can see Son Tra Peninsula from here.

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Get peace in Linch Ung Pagoda

The pagodomain authority is one of three Linch Ung pagodas, also known as the famous ” spiritual triangle of Linch Ung ” of Da Nang thành phố. The pagodomain authority has the typical architectural style và characteristics of Vietnamese temples. A highlight of Linh Ung Pagodomain authority in Ba Na is a trắng Buddha statue of 27m high. Visiting the pagodomain authority, tourists will feel the peaceful và calm atmosphere of Buddhist style.